86: U.S. LAND RESOURCES INC. 1730 M St. NW Washington, D.C. 20036

REVENUE: $5.4 million PROFITS: $461,200 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 49 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $8.4 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $2.9 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 17.1 percent (est.) EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 2 TOP EXECUTIVE: Lawrence S. Berger, president FOUNDED: 1968

DESCRIPTION: U.S. Land Resources is engaged in real estate investments, syndications and developments. Its properties include office, residential and industrial buildings and shopping centers.

DEVELOPMENTS: U.S. Land attributed its 28 percent jump in profits during the fiscal year ended Dec. 31 -- despite a 4 percent slide in general revenue -- primarily to two large land sales: a parcel near Vail, Colo., to a resort developer, and an unimproved single-family lot subdivision in Chester, N.J., to a home builder. The increased profits also reflect an improvement in the home-building market over the past two years, the company said. 87: HANK'S SEAFOOD CO. INC. P.O. Box 70 Easton, Md. 21601

REVENUE: $5.1 million PROFITS: $271,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 12 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $1.8 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $949,000 RETURN ON EQUITY: 33 percent EXCHANGE: Philadelphia EMPLOYES: 4 TOP EXECUTIVE: Arthur Meyers, president FOUNDED: 1959

DESCRIPTION: Hank's Seafood sells pre-fried clam strips.

DEVELOPMENTS: Earnings at Hank's Seafood dropped 25 percent for the year ended Dec. 31, despite a 30 percent increase in revenue. The company blamed the loss of certain tax credits, which resulted in higher tax payments in 1984. Also during 1984, the company acquired Seamist Corp., which operates one surf clam vessel. The acquisition will allow the company to begin fishing in ocean waters; it had been operating mostly in the Chesapeake Bay. 88: STANWICK CORP. 1401 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. 22209

REVENUE: $4.9 million PROFITS: $1.9 million EARNINGS PER SHARE: $1.81 DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $7.7 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $4.4 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 42.7 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 243 TOP EXECUTIVE: Tad Stanwick, president and chairman FOUNDED: 1962

DESCRIPTION: Stanwick provides maintenance management, integrated logistic support, systems engineering and management, and technical support to private industries and government, including the Defense Department. Services are concentrated in naval, maritime, offshore drilling, shipbuilding and repair, construction and manufacturing sectors.

DEVELOPMENTS: Stanwick owes its dramatic turnaround, from a $1.2 million loss in 1983 to a $1.8 million profit for fiscal 1984, to a preliminary settlement with the government of Iran of claims pending for more than three years. Earnings per share also climbed from a loss of $1.19 in 1983 to a gain of $1.81 in the year ended April 30, 1984. Stanwick said Iran finally agreed to pay it a total of $3.7 million for services the company performed, of which $3.3 million was remitted during fiscal 1984.

The Iranian settlement was treated as an extraordinary item apart from operating income; therefore, it did not help offset an 18 percent drop in revenue for the year. Stanwick blamed the decline on the consolidation and closing of two divisions, Technical Support Services and Publications Engineering Services.

For the first nine months of fiscal 1985, Stanwick reported a profit of $199,754 (20 cents per share), down from earnings of $1.9 million ($1.80) (including the Iranian settlement) for the comparable period of fiscal 1984.

The firm has been restructured and its staff drastically cut. Stanwick also said it plans to target more high-tech companies as clients. 89: SUTRON CORP. 2190 Fox Mill Rd. Herndon, Va. 22071

REVENUE: $4.8 million PROFITS: $376,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 10 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $3.9 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $1.9 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 20 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 66 TOP EXECUTIVE: Kenneth W. Whitt, president FOUNDED: 1975

DESCRIPTION: Sutron is a water resources management firm that designs, manufactures and markets electronic systems that gather weather information, measure manufacturing processes and evaluate military exercises.

DEVELOPMENTS: Sutron reported that sales and profits nearly doubled during the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, letting the company meet its goal of a 50 to 100 percent annual growth rate. The 1984 results marked Sutron's ninth straight year of growth.

Sutron recently formed a Defense Systems Division, with contracts that include providing the Department of Defense with antisubmarine warfare detection equipment. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers last year awarded Sutron a $303,000 contract to supply data-collection platforms and equipment to monitor reservoirs and streams in the lower Missouri River Basin. 90: DATA MEASUREMENT CORP. 8605 Grovemont Cir. Gaithersburg, Md. 20877

REVENUE: $4.6 million PROFITS: $200,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 55 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $3.5 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $1.2 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 16 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 90 TOP EXECUTIVE: Dominique Gignoux, president FOUNDED: 1962

DESCRIPTION: Data Measurement Corp., which has manufacturing facilities in Gaithersburg and Britain, designs and makes computerized systems to measure and control basic industrial products, including rubber, metals, plastics, fiber glass and paper.

DEVELOPMENTS: Data Measurement reported a $200,000 profit for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, a sharp turnaround from the $398,000 loss it suffered the year before. The overall health of the economy helped boost revenue, the company said, along with development of a new series 411 processor that is selling well. Among other functions, the new processor can print management information and log data on defects in materials and variations in thickness.