* The World Bank and the International Development Association, its affiliate for concessionary lending, have approved three loans and a credit totaling $404.6 million to finance three development projects in the transportation and fertilizer industries in China.

The largest project -- a $569.1 million effort to electrify certain key sections of the country's railways and double the production of passenger coaches to 1,500 a year -- will receive a loan of $235 million.

A highway project will receive a $42.6 million World Bank loan and a $30 million credit for IDA. The government will provide the remaining $104 million for the project.

China will use a third loan of $97 million to increase fertilizer production and modernize the operations of five chemical fertilizer companies.

* The World Bank will lend Turkey $201.4 million to support the country's investments in container port development, industrial education and the development of the Cukurova region.

A $134.5 million loan will help finance a $174 million project for new ports in Izmir in the west, Haydarpasa in the northwest, Mersin in the south and Trabzon in the north.

A second World Bank loan of $57.7 million will be used for equipping 39 industrial schools across Turkey. And a third loan for $9.2 million will help design a plan for developing the rapidly growing Cukurova region, in south-central Turkey.

* The World Bank has approved a $200 million loan to India for a project to repair 500 kilometers of India's national highway system in six states. The goal of the project is to reduce fuel consumption, vehicle operating costs, passenger travel time and the costs of road repair. The Indian government will finance the remaining costs of the $425 million project.

* Indonesia will complete a $65.9 million project designed to improve the quality of training for future paramedics and health professionals with the help of a $39 million loan from the World Bank.