At its 63rd annual meeting last week, the Bankers Association for Foreign Trade selected David H. Dorminey, senior vice president of First Union National Bank in Charlotte, N.C., as its president and William R. Rhodes, senior vice president of Citibank, as its vice president.

Dorminey, First Union's international division head, was a BAFT board and executive committee member this past year. He has worked for First Union National Bank since 1972, and served on the executive committee of the International Division of the American Bankers Association from 1979 to 1982.

Rhodes, the chairman of Citibank's restructuring committee, is responsible for establishing and implementing debt restructuring packages. He is cochairman of the Citibank advisory committee for Mexico and has served as a BAFT board member for the past year.

Rhodes also is chairman of the bank advisory committees for Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. These committees are made up of major lenders that negotiate on behalf of all bank lenders to debtor nations.

BAFT represents most of the U.S. commercial banks and non-U.S. banks with branches or agencies in the United States that are involved in international banking activities.

G. Stimson Eveleth was reelected as BAFT's secretary/treasurer at the annual meeting. Eveleth is the senior vice president of American Security Bank in Washington.

Elected to the BAFT executive committee for 1985-86 were Eduardo Aguirre Jr., senior vice president, InterFirst Bank Houston in Houston; and Anthony L. Furr, group vice president, Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., Winston-Salem, N.C. Charles L. Coltman III, the senior vice president of Philadelphia National Bank in Philadelphia, was reelected to the committee for the upcoming year.

The BAFT president, vice president and secretary/treasurer also are members of the executive committee.