* The World Bank has approved three loans totaling $912 million to Brazil to revitalize its federal railway company and to expand power transmission and distribution systems in the country's industrialized and poor areas.

Brazil will use a $200 million loan for a project designed to improve the efficiency of the railway in two key export corridors. The $422 million project also will be supported by the National Economic and Social Development Bank, the Brazilian federal railway company, the Brazilian government and a supplier credit.

A second loan of $400 million will help finance the expansion of power facilities in certain areas of the country, including the poorer states of the northeast region. The total cost of the project is estimated at $772.6 million.

The third loan of $312 million will go toward a $1.1 billion project designed to expand the power distribution systems in highly industrialized areas of the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The balance of the cost of both power projects will be financed by the utilities and from capital contributions and borrowing from the federal government.

* Egypt will use two loans totaling $207 million for major agricultural projects designed to increase production and farmers' incomes.

A loan of $139 million will help finance a project to encourage farmers in the Nile Delta to adopt mechanized methods of farming. The $359 million project is expected to benefit about 650,000 farmers in seven rice-growing regions.

The second loan of $68 million will support a project to build a drainage system on 482,670 acres of agricultural land in the Nile Delta. The $198.1 million project is expected to benefit about 120,000 farm families and increase the value of agricultural production by $44 million a year.

* The International Development Association, the concessionary lending arm of the World Bank, has approved a $121.8 million credit to Ghana to help finance a project to improve the country's road network.