American Fuel Technologies Inc. last week named Wayne G. English as chairman of its board of directors.

English had previously served as financial consultant and adviser to AFT. He is also chairman of the finance committee of the board of directors of MCI Communications Corp., and is a former chief financial officer for MCI. He replaces O. Wayne Eakin, who will serve as president and chief executive officer.

Eakin said English's experience as chief financial officer at MCI will bring "a new dimension of experience and leadership to our company."

AFT produces and markets anhydrous ethanol, which is used as a replacement for lead as an octane enhancer in gasoline. English said the U.S. market alone has a potential to exceed 1 billion gallons per year. With the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed phaseout of lead additives in gasoline, this market could increase tenfold over the next decade.

English "will be invaluable in guiding our company through its development in the new and rapidly emerging fuel ethanol industry," Eakin said.

Two other officers also were named at the board meeting last week. J. Ronald Garwood was elected executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Thomas P. Tanis Jr. was elected executive vice president and chief administrative officer.