The World Bank has approved a loan of $176 million to the Indian government, the state government of Kerala and the Kerala State Electricity Board to help speed up the development of hydropower resources.

The project is designed to bring more electricity to Kerala and the country's southern region.

The Ivory Coast will use a $110 million World Bank loan to execute a 3 1/2-year highway improvement program to expand and upgrade the country's road network.

The program will cover all road construction, upgrading, rehabilitation and maintenance works from mid-1985 to the end of 1988.

The World Bank is continuing its support for economic recovery in the Philippines with a loan of $100 million to help finance a project to provide credit to agricultural producers and establish a framework for a financially sound rural credit system.

The agricultural sector in the Philippines accounts for about 22 percent of the gross domestic product, employs 52 percent of the labor force and contributes more than one-third of export earnings.

Yugloslavia will receive a $35 million World Bank loan for a project to improve its forestry industries.

This is the bank's first full-scale forestry project in the country. It will support a long-term forestry development program in the western region that is expected to contribute $86 million to the country's balance of payments.

Cameroon will use a World Bank loan of $25.5 million to help finance a project that supports the government's objectives of building up rural institutions at the national, provincial and village levels, and to improve living conditions and incomes in these areas.

The rural development project includes supplying clean drinking water to about 350,000 people and implementing a literacy campaign to benefit about 5,000 farmers.