*The International Finance Corp., the World Bank affiliate for private-sector investment, recently approved loans totaling $22.9 million to support development projects in Cameroon, India and Madagascar.

On Friday, the IFC announced a $2.8 million loan to help expand palm oil production at a plantation and mill in the southwestern part of Cameroon. The $9.7 million project is part of the African nation's overall plan to foster development of its natural resources for export and to find import substitutes.

Earlier in the week, the IFC announced approval of a $13.45 million loan to a leading Indian engineering and industrial concern for two projects: a $98.5 million program to double the company's cement production capacity, and a $23.5 million project to construct a new heavy engineering facility able to produce 10,000 metric tons a year of heavy equipment.

Finally, the IFC has made a $6.65 million investment in Madagascar's largest textile producer to modernize its equipment and increase its cotton production by 63 percent by 1987. Export-Import Bank

*The Export-Import Bank of the United States has approved financing in the sale of $135.3 million in U.S. goods and services to Colombia for a major pipeline construction project.

Overseas Bechtel Inc., a Houston-based construction management and engineering firm, was named the prime contractor for a substantial portion of the oil pipeline, which will carry crude oil from a basin in northwest Colombia to the port of Covenas. Other U.S. companies received smaller contracts in the deal.