World Bank

*The World Bank's Special Facility for sub-Saharan Africa has approved a loan of $10 million to the small West African country of Togo to support its economic reform efforts.

The loan is the second to be approved by the recently established sub-Saharan facility, administered by the International Development Association (IDA), an affiliate of the World Bank. In May, the IDA approved a credit of $27.8 million to help Togo arrest economic decline and lay the foundation for resumed growth while improving its balance of payments. The funds from the sub-Saharan facility will supplment the IDA credit and will be used to finance general imports, the World Bank said.

Last week, the sub-Saharan facility approved $10 million to support a road rehabilitation and maintenance project in Ghana.

*The IDA approved a loan to Ethiopia of $40 million to supplement a $151.8 million expansion of the country's telecommunications network. The program is designed to increase the availability of services offered by the Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority. The IDA's loan is intended for the construction of 14 long-distance transmission links and about 67,300 automatic and manual network-switching lines.

*The IDA recently loaned $7.5 million to Niger for a technical assistance project to devise a program of investments in electric power generation and transmission in that country. The program includes a study of the power needs of Niger Valley, the region where the capital city of Niamey is located. Technical assistance will be provided for the preparation of bid documents for the power project to be identified in the investment program. The project is expected to be completed in mid-1988 at a cost of $7.9 million. IDA's loan will finance 95 percent of the cost, and Niger's government will pick up the balance. Inter-American Development Bank

*The Inter-American Develpment Bank has made a public offering of 200 million Deutsche marks, equivalent to about $72 million, of eight-year bonds in Germany.