Epic Programs Investment Corp. (EPIC), the troubled real estate investment affiliate of Community Savings & Loan of Bethesda, missed more than $2 million in interest payments on mortgage-backed securities yesterday.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society said it was supposed to receive $2.4 million in monthly payments by yesterday on $215 million in securities purchased from EPIC.

PSFS's announcement comes a little more than a week after EPIC, which set up tax-shelter housing partnerships, announced that it was delinquent on some payments on $1.4 billion of mortgages and mortgage-backed securities. That announcement triggered a run on deposits at Community Savings & Loan until Maryland Gov. Harry Hughes ordered withdrawals halted for 20 days.

EPIC attorney James B. Deerin Jr. refused to comment on the situation at the real estate investment company.

The PSFS spokesman and officials with other institutions owed payments from EPIC said their companies are reviewing options but have not yet decided on a course of action. According to sources, one option is filing lawsuits to force EPIC to hand over whatever money it has.

Meanwhile, no new developments were reported on efforts by investment banking firms and insurance companies to put together a plan to prevent defaults by EPIC. Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. reportedly has put together one proposal, but insurance company executives said they have not yet been presented with a plan.

The Dean Witter plan is said to feature Integrated Resources, which has put together tax-shelter syndications in the past, as the principal investor, according to a report in yesterday's American Banker. However, an official with Integrated, a New York-based financial services company, said it has no plans to purchase or become involved in any rescue plan.

Mortgage insurance companies would lose up to $400 million if EPIC collapses, according to recent estimates. Officials at two of the firms with large exposure -- Ticor Mortgage Insurance and Republic Mortgage Insurance -- said they are contining to meet and to monitor the situation, but have not yet decided how to act.