The World Bank has approved the following loans, totaling $243 million, to four countries:

*A $40 million loan to Chile's national development bank to help finance small- and medium-scale industrial ventures. The project, which includes restoring businesses damaged by an earthquake last March, is expected to cost $70 million.

*A $15 million loan to Jordan's Cities and Villages Development Bank for its ongoing efforts to finance infrastructure projects in the country's outer regions.

*A $38 million loan to help Korea launch a project to improve the water supply in two southern regions where economic development is hampered by the scarcity of water. The project, which also will receive $4 million from the Asian Development Bank, is expected to cost more than $122 million.

A*$150 million loan to Mexico to support a $300 million housing project for low-income groups.

The Bank's loans are for 15 years, with a three-year grace period. They carry a variable interest rate, currently 8.82 percent, which is linked to the cost of the bank's borrowing.

*In addition, the International Development Association, the World Bank affiliate for concessionary lending, approved a $30 million credit to finance several power station rehabilitation projects in Sudan. The credit is for 50 years, with a 10-year grace period. It carries no interest but has small annual charges.

*Eight member countries of the IDA have agreed to make available immediately their pledges to replenish the association's funds.

At the IDA's request, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Britain will pay funds for which they are committed, which were not due until November.

The early releases boost IDA's current commitment authority and will enable it to conclude a surplus of loan agreements with less developed countries.

*The Bank announced last week eight borrowings totaling $321.4 million from a group of European and Japanese cooperative banks.