World Bank

The World Bank last week said it has approved three loans to developing countries totaling $44.5 million:

*A $30 million loan to Ivory Coast to provide financial and technical support for a major reform program of the country's manufacturing industry. The loan will be administered by the Ivory Coast Central Bank to smaller banks for loans to existing and new manufacturing businesses.

*A $5 million loan to Nigeria for a program to restructure its industrial sector. Among other uses, the loan will finance the hiring of consultants for the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry and support a series of studies on restructuring the system of incentives and stimulating growth in private industry.

*A $9.5 million loan from the World Bank's affiliate for concessionary lending, the International Development Association, to Burundi to improve the quality and quantity of the water supply for 160,000 residents of the country's rural areas. The loan will be used to rehabilitate and extend existing aqueducts and to train engineers of the country's water resources department.

The World Bank loans are for 20 years, including a five-year grace period, and carry a variable interest rate, currently 8.82 percent, linked to the cost of the bank's borrowing. The IDA credit is for 50 years, with a 10-year grace period; it carries no interest, but has small annual charges. Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a $5.5 million loan to help finance preliminary studies of development projects in Jamaica.

Continuing a program launched in 1977, the loan will be administered by Jamaica's Planning Insitute to help finance a total of 39 development studies -- 20 in the agriculture sector, nine in tourism, eight in infrastructure and two in energy.

The loan is for 15 years and has a variable interest rate.