Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved two loans totaling $20.2 million to help finance a $31 million project aimed at expanding and improving the national education system of Panama.

The loans were made to Panama's Ministry of Education to help build and equip 14 intermediate-level schools, to expand 21 existing schools, to equip laboratories and workshops and to acquire books and teaching materials for both primary and intermediate-level schools.

The IADB also approved a $400,000 technical assistance grant to train personnel in the country's technical and vocational schools.

One loan is for $14.2 million from the bank's interregional capital for 25 years at a variable interest rate linked to the bank's cost of borrowing; the other is for $6 million from the bank's special operations fund for 35 years at an annual interest rate of 2 percent. Asian Development Bank

The Manila-based Asian Development Bank has approved a $3.48 million loan and a technical assistance grant to Bhutan for a $4.3 million irrigation project aimed at improving agricultural production and increasing incomes of rural families.

The assistance grant, which will be supplemented by additional funds from Switzerland, will help strengthen the country's Agriculture Department, which is managing the project. Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import Bank said last week it has approved an $18.4 million loan to help finance the sale of $28 million in Bell Helicopters to an Indonesian firm.

In the second phase of a three-part project financed by the Ex-Im Bank, Bell Helicopter Textron will provide parts and assemblies to P. T. Nurtanio Indonesian Aircraft Industry for construction of a dozen 15-passenger helicopters. The project calls for production of a total of 100 helicopters.

The Ex-Im Bank loan carries an annual interest rate of 9.85 percent, to be repaid in 14 semiannual installments beginning in 1987.