The dollar was mixed on major foreign exchanges yesterday, while gold prices dipped.

The dollar edged up at the London opening and closed higher in Tokyo, but continued its downward trend elsewhere. It opened at 2.5395 marks in Frankfurt, down from Wednesday's close of 2.5495, and was 2.0920 francs in Zurich, compared to Wednesday's 2.0972. The dollar opened at 7.750 francs in Paris, compared to Wednesday's closing of 7.775.

The dollar firmed in London to $1.4705 to the pound against $1.4745 overnight, but opened at a 28-month low in Brussels, 51.60 Belgian francs, compared to 51.8750 at Wednesday's close.

The 1,718.50-lira opening in Milan, compared to Wednesday's close of 1,723.75, was a 17-month low for the dollar in Italy.

But the dollar finished stronger in Tokyo, 201.40 yen, compared to 200.90. At the same time, the dollar inched up to $1.3776 Canadian, from $1.3772.

Gold eased $1 to $327.50 an ounce in Zurich, compared to $328.50 at Wednesday's close. It lost $1.50 in London to $327, against $328.50.

Silver was unchanged in Zurich at $6.20 an ounce, but dipped 3 cents to $6.15 in London.