The Asian Development Bank has approved loans totaling $137.8 million for projects in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand.

The Agrani and the Rupali banks in Bangladesh will receive a $20 million credit line that they will award to projects for rural and agricultural industries. A second loan of $15.8 million will go to the only integrated cement plant in Bangladesh to update old and install new equipment.

Pakistan will receive a loan of $100 million that will be distributed to five financial institutions to lend to private industrial enterprises in that country.

The loan to Thailand for $2 million will be used to encourage private-sector investment in that country's chemical and engineering industries. International Finance Corp.

The IFC has approved two loans -- one for a mining company in Peru, and the second for four contracting companies in the Philippines.

A $38 million guarantee will go to four contracting companies so they can secure bonding and obtain overseas construction work.

The first two firms, Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. of Manila Inc. and Engineering Equipment Inc., are large, diversified heavy industrial contractors that have been operating overseas for more than a decade as subcontractors.

The second two companies, Hydro Resources Contractors Corp. and D. M. Consunji Inc., are involved in public-works projects and dam construction.

The IFC has made its seventh loan to help improve the Peruvian mining sector.

It has extended a $3 million loan and a $300,000 convertible loan to Compania Minera Poderosa S.A., a private gold mining operation in the Eastern Andes.

The loan is part of a $10.6 million project designed to provide roads, an airstrip, a school, medical facilities, water-supply services and electrical power to the remote area in the Andes where the mine is located.