*The International Finance Corp., an affiliate of the World Bank, is investing $6 million in a 236-room hotel project in Grenada. The hotel is expected to employ more than 200 people and generate $7 million each year.

The IFC made a private placement of $50 million of its 9 1/4 percent 10-year Eurodollar bonds. The bonds will be placed by IBJ International Ltd. of London and will not be listed on any exchange.

*In Jamaica, the IFC, in a joint venture with Eagle Merchant Bank of Jamaica Ltd., will invest $7.3 million to help establish a local private investment program for businesses called the Falcon Fund. Inter-American Development Bank

*The Inter-American Development Bank has approved $173.04 million in loans and grants at the end of 1985. The financing includes:

*A $115.8 million loan to help upgrade electrical transmission capacity and reliability in Colombia. The program calls for building a 525-kilometer, 500-kilovolt circuit in the Atlantic Coast interconnection, a dual-circuit 230-kilovolt line between Anco'n Sur and Esmeralda and a single-circuit 230-kilovolt line between San Carlos and Barranca.

The project will help meet an expected 6.5 percent growth in demand in the country's electrical consumption between 1985 and 2000.

*A $1.34 million technical-cooperation grant for a program that will manage and control Africanized honey bees in Central America, Mexico and Panama. The project will help maintain production and productivity in the apiary sector, as well as helping prevent any threat to humans by the bees, through training and education.

*A $30 million loan to establish preinvestment studies in Venezuela to foster the country's economic and social development.

The bank will extend credit to individuals or corporate entities to contract Venezuelan or foreign consultants to carry out general and specific preinvestment studies.

*A $25.9 million loan to Mexico for a rural telephone program that will provide service to about 1,200 communities.

The bank loan represents 48 per cent in financing, and local sources will provide the remainder.