District of Columbia

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James H. Logan, of Chesapeake. Deflection yoke for small gun-base crt. No. 4,556,857. 3 claims.

Edward S. Partyka, of Richmond. Can end divider. No. 4,544,314. 9 claims.

George P. Duane Jr., of Winchester. Method of touching up surface blemished matt-finished surface grained colored molded plastic parts. No. 4,544,578. 8 claims.

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C. Bruce Dawson, of Winchester. Method and apparatus for coiling a continuous string of molded items about a vetrical axis. No. 4,546,931. 18 claims.

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Pershottam P. Mathur, of Midlothian, and William L. Smith, both of Richmond. Aryloxy-N-(aminoalky)-1-pyrrolidine and piperidine carboxamides and carbothioamides having antiarrhythmic activity. No. 4,547,514. 21 claims.

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John H. Reid, of Fredericksburg. Conservation of momentum in a barrier oxidation ditch. No. 4,548,712. 10 claims.

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Dwayne E. Purvis, of Vienna. System for identifying defective media in magnetic tape storage systems. No. 4,548,295. 6 claims.

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Kenton A. Stone, of Arlington. Portable jack for small tractors and like vehicles. No. 4,549,721. 18 claims.

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Jong B. Yoon, of Falls Church. Head-band holder for eyeglasses. No. 4,549,793. 18 claims.

Cynthia J. Harris, of Burke. Composite cytologic counterstain formulation. 3 claims.

Frank H. Blitchington and David E. Haught, both of Richmond. Inspection scanning system. No. 4,556,903. 9 claims.

Frank A. Russo and Michael A. Pauwels, both of Williamsburg, and Thomas A. Bauer of Newport News. Microprocessor-based engine controlling heavy engine loads. No. 4,556,942. 4 Claims.

Michael A. Pauwels, of Williamsburg, and Danny O. Wright, of Grafton, et al. Multiprocessing microprocessor-based engine control system for an internal combustion engine. No. 4,556,943. 8 Claims.

Brian R. Mercy, of Warrenton. Multiplier speed improvement by skipping carry save adders. No. 4,556,948. 5 Claims.

Danny O. Wright, of Grafton, and Robert E. Weber, of Newport News. Single crystal dual microprocessor computing system. No. 4,556,955. 1 Claim.

Heung Y. Ha, of Springfield. Animal trap. No. 4,557,067. 5 Claims.

Martin M. Mikalus Jr., of Williamsburg, et al. Sequentially deployable maneuverable tetrahedral beam. No. 4,557,097. 6 Claims.

Daniel S. Cvacho, of Forest. Apparatus for trimming a scrap ring from a cylindrical container body and method of operation. No. 4,557,167. 16 Claims.

Richard W. Redick Jr., of Falls Church. Adapter for bottled water dispenser. No. 4,557,399. 4 Claims.

L. Robert Jackson and Allan H. Taylor, both of Newport News. Aerospace vehicle. No. 4,557,444. 8 Claims.

Benjamin F. Sherman Jr., and Samuel Francis, both of McLean. Three-dimensional sliding element puzzle. No. 4,557,484. 6 Claims.

Michael Hacskaylo, of Falls Church. Distended point source reflector having conical sections. No. 4,557,569. 6 Claims.

Homan B. Kinsley Jr., of Powhatan. Process of forming a porous cellulosic paper from a thermal treated cellulosic non-bonding pulp. No. 4,557,800. 32 Claims.

Daniel R. Petrak, of Lynchburgh, et al. Refractory. No. 4,557,884. 4 Claims.

Edwin F. Rissmann, of Annandale, and Kendall B. Randolph, of Arlington. Process for making fuming nitric acid. No. 4,557,920. 4 Claims.

William P. Hodnett III, of Martinsville. Radiation curable coating for film structure. No. 4,557,980. 29 Claims.

Robert A. Lofquist, of Richmond, Ian C. Twilley, of Chester, and Peter R. Saunders, of Richmond. Nylon comfort fiber containing poly (N,N-dimethylacrylamide). No. 4,558,097. 1 Claim.

Chandler R. Taylor Jr., of Mechanicsville, and Young S. Lo, of Richmond. Aroylamino-N-phenylpyridinamines in a process for preparing pyrido(1,4)benzodiazepines. No. 4,558,123. 32 Claims.

James R. Shanklin Jr. and Christopher P. Johnson III, both of Richmond. N-(arylcxyalkyl)-N'-(aminolkyl) thioreas. No. 4,558,155. 4 Claims

Donald M. Conn, of Weems. Turn-on-red traffic signal. No. 4,558,299. 5 Claims.

Michael A. Pauwels, of Williamsburg, and Danny O. Wright, of Grafton. Method for maintaining the integrity of a dual microprocessor multiprocessing computing system. No. 4,558,416. 3 Claims.

Robert F. Berry Jr., of Hayes. Ultrasonic angle beam standard reflector. No. 4,558,585. 11 Claims.

Gary K. Eiserman, of Charlottesville, et al. Water trap. No. 4,558,696. 5 Claims.

Danny E. Dangerfield, of Boones, et al. Folder for sampler perfume vial. No. 4,558,783. 5 Claims.

Andre J. Jackson, of Alexandria. Umbrella holder. No. 4,558,807. 7 Claims.

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Robert A. Barr, of Virginia Beach. Extruder screw and positive displacement wave pump assembly. No. 4,558,954. 20 Claims.

Robert A. Barr, of Virginia Beach. Wave pump assembly. No. 4,558,991. 6 Claims.

Honesto D. Quiogue, of Blacksburg, et al. Wall mounted luminaire. No. 4,559,587. 10 Claims.

Kelvin H. Hunter Jr., of Fairfax. Power operated wheelchair ramp. No. 4,559,659. 10 Claims.

Rolf Brand, of South Hill, Lightweight aircraft. No. 4,560,119. 25 Claims.

Dewey Bumgardner and Julian Marple Jr., both of Winchester. Toilet seat cover saftey latch. No. 4,561,130. 9 Claims. Virginia Design Patents

Roland Carter, of Lynchburg. Chair. No. D-281,655.

Clifford E. McLain, of Fairfax Station. Muzzle Brake. No. D-281,655.

Brian F. Duffy, of Lynchburg. Fecal occult blood kit. No. D-281,903.

Lyman N. Fairbanks, of Arlington. Drapery module unit for doors, windows and the like. No. D 280,792.

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Lyman N. Fairbanks, of Arlington. Drapery module unit for doors, windows and the like. No. D 280,874.

David R. Ferrell, of Richmond. Grounding wire clamp. No. D 280,973.

Harold Rabinowitz, of Midlothian. Tote bag with double strap. No. D 281,120.