The dollar slipped yesterday when the White House indicated that a lower value for the U.S. currency would help to narrow the trade deficit, but dealers said oil worries still are dominating foreign exchange markets.

In Tokyo overnight, the dollar rose to 192.65 yen from 191.35, and in New York, it was 190.75 yen, down from 191.75 Tuesday.

In London, the pound sterling rose to $1.3887 from $1.3785, and in New York, it jumped to $1.3950 from $1.3760.

The dollar plunged to $1.4195 Canadian from $1.4425, and dealers said one large commercial order, helped by sizable Bank of Canada intervention, accounted for the Canadian dollar's rebound.

Gold was slightly higher in New York, in what dealers said was light trading. Republic National Bank in New York closed cash gold at $336.25 an ounce, up from $334.50 Tuesday. The New York Commodity Exchange settled gold at $336, up from $334.10. Earlier in Zurich, gold was unchanged at $338, and it slipped in London to $337 from $338.625 Tuesday.

Republic closed silver at $5.90 an ounce, up from $5.835; the Comex settled it at $5.898, up from $5.842. Earlier in London, silver rose to $5.90 from $5.84.