Biospherics Inc. of Rockville yesterday said earnings for the year ended Dec. 31 were up 24 percent to $137,232 (3.5 cents a share) on revenue of $6.7 million from $110.3 million (2.8 cents) on revenue of $6 million a year ago.

For the fourth quarter, earnings were up about 44 percent to $55,823 (1.4 cents) on revenue of $1.7 million from $38,797 (1 cent) on revenue of $1.6 million for the same period last year.

The diversified environmental and health company said the increase was due to success with its laboratory division, and the growth of its analytical and industrial hygiene programs.

*Washington Real Estate Investment Trust yesterday said net income in 1985 rose 52 percent to $12.9 million ($1.58 a share) from $8.4 million ($1.04) last year. The company had realized a gain on real estate of $3.7 million (46 cents), which represented the elimination of capital gains taxes previously provided on the 1983 sale of the Washington Circle Inn.

In the fourth quarter of 1985, the company reported net income of $3.8 million (45 cents), an increase of 67 percent over net income of $2.1 million (27 cents) for the same quarter last year. The company realized a gain on real estate of $1.4 million (17 cents) in the fourth quarter.

*MIW Investors of Washington announced that profits grew 79 percent in 1985 and cited the performance of its primary subsidiary, First American Savings & Loan.

The company, which also runs a real estate business, reported net income of $6.6 million ($1.27 a share) compared with $3.7 million (90 cents) in the same period in 1984.

The company said its results reflect "in large measure" the operations of First American, which it said generated $410 million in loan originations, up 84 percent from the year before.

*ERC International, a technical services company in Vienna, Va., said earnings totalled $2.2 million (56 cents a share) in 1985, up 48 percent from the $1.5 million (39 cents) for the year before.

Revenue for the year grew 63 percent, from $38.6 million to $62.8 million. Revenue for the fourth quarter nearly doubled from $9.9 million to $18.6 million.

The company said its financial results and earnings per share reflect its acquisition of International Energy Associates Ltd., an energy and environmental consulting firm, in June 1985.

*The Sporting Life Inc., a direct mail catalogue merchandiser of clothes, which is based in Alexandria, said that earnings dipped in the second quarter that ended Jan. 31 as a result of increased overhead expenses and management costs.

The company said second-quarter income before tax credits totaled $34,101 (4 cents per share) compared with $81,741 (18 cents) in the same period in 1985.