*The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a $362,000 technical cooperation grant for a training program to manage and prepare farm cooperatives in Guatemala.

The grant, extended from the Social Progress Trust Fund, which the IADB administers for the U.S. government, will be used by the Guatemalan federation of cooperatives to contract consulting services and instructors.

The IADB said the project is designed to help cooperatives obtain financing from national or international institutions involved in credit programs for cooperatives.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $418,000, of which the IADB will contribute $362,000. A local contribution in the form of $56,000 in goods and services also will be made.

*The IADB recently announced a public offering of $156 million in 12-year Japanese bonds through a syndicate of Japanese securities companies.

The bonds will carry an annual interest rate of 6.4 percent and will be sold at par value.

The issue, the thirteenth made by the bank in Japan, brings the IADB's cumulative borrowings in Japanese yen to about $2.65 billion.

The IADB also announced a $107 million borrowing in 15-year Swiss bonds.

The bonds bear an annual interest rate of 5 3/8 percent and are being offered at par.

With this issue, the bank's total borrowing in Switzerland amounts to about $2.33 billion.

The proceeds of both issues will be incorporated into the IADB's interregional capital fund and will be used to make loans to member countries in Latin America.

*Moving the international development agency nearer to its goal of forming a private-sector investment affiliate, France has ratified an agreement establishing the IADB's Inter-American Investment Corp.

The agreement will take effect when it has been ratified by representatives of countries whose subscriptions make at least two-thirds of the total subscriptions. To date, the 15 member countries, including the United States, that have ratified the pact account for 57.4 percent of the total.