Yorkridge-Calvert Savings & Loan Association of Baltimore experienced what its officials initially feared was a run on deposits yesterday after a newspaper incorrectly reported the S&L's deposits were not insured, officials in government and at the S&L said.

Yorkridge-Calvert President Melvin Berger said, however, that as the day progressed, the S&L had a withdrawal rate that was only slightly above normal.

The withdrawals from the S&L, which is insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp., were directly attributable to the error in a Baltimore Sun article, he said.

"There is no run. There are no lines. It did not amount to anything except a lot of questions and visits by the media," Berger said.

Federal regulators agreed, saying, "There was no real problem, and withdrawals were only slightly above normal."

On Monday, Yorkridge-Calvert announced that it was backing out of a plan to acquire $281 million in deposits from crippled First Maryland Savings & Loan of Silver Spring. It abandoned the plan because federal regulators refused to insure the First Maryland accounts, S&L officials said.

A report in Tuesday's Baltimore Sun incorrectly said that no Yorkridge-Calvert accounts were insured. The paper published a correction yesterday, but many customers apparently did not see it, Berger said.

Yorkridge-Calvert's withdrawal from the plan to acquire First Maryland's deposits was a blow to the efforts of Maryland Gov. Harry Hughes to resolve the state's year-long savings and loan crisis. It could set the stage for eventual liquidation of First Maryland, even though state officials have said they have other bidders ready to vie for the ailing thrift.