The Federal Home Loan Bank Board yesterday bailed out three more failing West Coast savings and loan associations by arranging for them to merge with healthy financial institutions.

Setting the stage for a major change in banking in the Pacific Northwest, the bank board -- the agency that regulates federally chartered thrift institutions -- agreed to allow Rainier Bancorporation of Seattle to take over Lincoln Savings and Loan of Portland.

Rainier, the largest bank company in Washington, must get permission to move into neighboring Oregon from the Federal Reserve Board, which regulates banks. Rainier said it will ask Federal Reserve approval to convert Lincoln Savings into a full-service commercial bank.

While awaiting Federal Reserve action, Lincoln will be run under direct supervision of the Bank Board. Lincoln has 14 offices and deposits of $262.9 million. Rainier Bancorporation is an $8.1 billion holding company that owns Rainier National Bank in Seattle.

The Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. will contribute $21.4 million to aid Lincoln, the 11th savings and loan this year to require cash help from the insurance fund.

The bank board also arranged mergers yesterday for two troubled California savings and loans, bringing to 27 the number of associations that have been bailed out this year by federal regulators.

Empire of America, FSB, an $8.7 billion federally chartered savings bank in Buffalo, will acquire Atlas Savings & Loan Association of San Francisco and Golden Pacific Savings & Loan in Windsor, Calif. Golden Pacific has one office and $42.8 million in assets; Atlas has three offices and $76 million in assets.

The bank board did not disclose financial details of the transaction. Empire of America owns Pacific Thrift and Loan in Woodland Hills and operates in Florida, Texas and Michigan.