The following is a list of patents awarded to Maryland inventors. The compilation is recent but not necessarily complete.

Michael H. Galumbeck of Columbia, no assignor. Combined foundation and bedspread bench, patent No. 4,662,015, 4 claims.

Olaleye A. Alma and Amir A. Lakhani, both of Columbia, assignors to Allied Corp., Morristown, N.J. Method of fabricating semiconductor device having low resistance, nonalloyed contact layer. Patent No. 4,662,060, 24 claims.

Peter Bauer of Germantown, no assignor. Jet break-up device for spray nozzle applications. Patent No. 4,662,568, 8 claims.

Charles Henderson of Oxon Hill, no assignor. Airplane configured with a moveable disk structure. Patent No. 4,662,588, 6 claims.

Gregory H. Whillis of Hamstead, assignor to CB&W Tools Inc., Timonium, Md. Integrally molded unitary supporting member for wood clamp. Patent No. 4,662,618, 5 claims.

Kurt H. Stern of Takoma Park, assignor to the secretary of the Navy, electrodeposition of refractory metal silicides. Patent No. 4,662,998, 16 claims.

Edward H. Leech of Salisbury, no assignor. Vacuum sewage collection system. Patent No. 4,663,056, 8 claims.

Robert W. Atcher of Kensington, et. al., assignors to the Department of Energy. Isotopic generator for bismouth-212 and lead-212 from radium. Patent No. 4,663,129, 13 claims.

Richard L. Veech of Rockville, no assignor. Electrolyte solutions and in vivo use thereof. Patent No. 4,663,166, 15 claims.

Richard S. Potember of Catonsville and Theodore O. Poehler of Baltimore, assignors to The Johns Hopkins University. Multistate optical switching and memory using an amphoteric organic charge transfer material. Patent No. 4,663,270, 44 claims.

Richard L. Veech of Rockville, no assignor. Electrolyte solutions and in vitro use thereof. Patent No. 4,663,289, 14 claims.

George S. Axelby of North Linthium, Vedat Geldiay of Silver Spring, and Clinton W. Moulds III of Millersville, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. Predictive model reference adaptive controller. Patent No. 4,663,703, 11 claims.

Troy Shinbrot of Greenbelt, assignor to Xerox Corp., Stamford, Conn. Page flipper for book copying. Patent No. 4,663,873, 22 claims.

Hamid Hemmati of Laurel, assignor to Allied Corp., Morristown, N.J. Photoprocessing apparatus including conical reflector. Patent No. 4,664.05, 18 claims.

John A. Wilson of Cockeysville, Robert J. Staniewicz of Baltimore, et. al, assignors to Saft America Inc., Valdosta, Ga. Vent for electrochemical cell. Patent No. 4,664,287, 14 claims.

Robert L. Fix of Hagerstown, assignor to Kidde Inc., Saddle Brook, N.J. Method of an apparatus for removal and installation of outrigger box on cranes. Patent No. 4,664,411, 6 claims.

Wilheim Leibig of Riva, assignor to Voith S/A -- Maquinas e Equipmentos, Brazil. System for extraction of soluble matter from fibrous material. Patent No. 4,664,716, 11 claims.

Keith K. McDaniel of Laurel, assignor to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. High-concentration boric acid solidification process. Patent No. 4,664,895, 8 claims.

Daniel L. Klayman of Chevy Chase and John P. Scovill of Silver Spring, no assignors. 2-acetyl and 2-propionylpyridine selenosemic carbanzones. Patent No. 4,665,173, 9 claims.

Govind L. Hira of Columbia, Thaddeus A. Osial of Randallstown, and Wentworth A. Ernst of Chester, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. Method of welding aluminum alloys. Patent No. 4,665,294, 14 claims.

Mohammed A. Fathimulla of Columbia, assignor to Allied Corp., Morristown, N.J. Monolithic programmable signal processor using pi-fet taps. Patent No. 4,665,374, 17 claims.

Daniel G. Jablonski of Silver Spring and Albert D. Krall of Rockville, assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Millimeter wavelength dielectric waveguide having increased power output and a method of making same. Patent No. 4,665,660, 8 claims.

Stanley Rothschield of Silver Spring, no assignors. Pitch identification device. Patent No. 4,665,790, 11 claims.

Gregory Earl of Kensington, no assignor. Fuel evaporation apparatus and method. Patent No. 4,665,879.

Jonathan L. Costa of Bethesda, et. al., assignors to Maxwell Laboratories Inc., San Diego, Calif. Malignancy treatment. Patent No. 4,665,898, 15 claims.

Linus E. Wallgren of Rockville, assignor to Pace Inc., Laurel. Curved tip for solder extractor. Patent No. 4,666,076, 12 claims.

Thomas G. Berry of Rohrersville, assignor to Fairchild Industries Inc., Chantilly. Deployable space panel structure. Patent No. 4,666,107, 12 claims.

Thomas F. Busche of Mt. Airy, no assignor. Tray assembly. Patent No. 4,666,118, 7 claims.

Brad Olschansky and Scott Olschansky, both of Sparks, assignors to Lifeing Inc., Baltimore. Multiexercise system. Patent No. 4,666,149, 20 claims.

Louis D. Elesie and Elizabeth R. Van Hart, both of Silver Spring, and James J. Norwood, Pauline M. Norwood, both of Rockville, et. al., no assignors. Word definition game including a race track board. Patent No. 4,666,161, 6 claims.

Randall P. Bright of Bowie, David D. Double of Annapolis, and Sean Wise of Millersville, assignors to F.P.C. Research Inc., Clinton, Md. Cementitious Composite Material With Silicon Carbide Aggregate. Patent No. 4,666,520, 6 claims.

Jacob Block, of Rockville, assignor to W.R. Grace & Co., New York. Dispensible alpha alumina monohydrate. Patent No. 4,666,614, 16 claims.

Walter M. Bryant III of Elkton, assignor to E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington. Dealkylaton of opioid ethers. Patent No. 4,667,037, 10 claims.

William M. Lagna of Bradshaw, no assignor. Methods and apparatus for mass spectrometric analysis of fluids. Patent No. 4,667,100, 42 claims.

Franklin B. Jones of Baltimore and Walter E. Milberger of Severna Park, assignors to secretary of the Air Force. High-frequency, high-voltage MOSFET isolation amplifier. Patent No. 4,667,144, 6 claims.

Mark E. Schmid of College Park, Robert L. Trapp of Laurel and Alexander E. Davidoff of Columbia, assignors to The Johns Hopkins University. Method and apparatus for bus arbitration using a pseudo-random sequence. Patent No. 4,667,192, 5 claims.

John O. Wedel Jr. of Ellicott City, assignor to the secretary of the Army. Method and apparatus for filtering high data rate signals. Patent No. 4,667,298, 14 claims.

Roderick J. Fletcher of Glen Burnie, assignor to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. Integrated circuit having outputs configured for reduced state changes. Patent No. 4,667,337, 18 claims.

John S. Carey Jr. of Crofton, Md., Wolfgang Jung of Arlington and Theodore A. Varouxis of Annandale, assignors to Siemens Corporate Research and Support Inc., Iselin, N.J. Tilting upper body support patient trolley. Patent No. 4,667,354, 21 claims.

George O. McCorkle of Baltimore, no assignor. Punching bag. Patent No. 4,667,954, 9 claims.

William A. Barr of Gibson Island, Md., no assignor. Valve assembly for use in brake pressure control unit. Patent No. 4,668,020, 4 claims.

Marvin R. Blumberg of Bethesda, no assignor. Vending machine for videocassettes. Patent No. 4,668,150, 15 claims.

Richard L. Veech of Rockville, no assignor. Hemodialysis process and hemodialysis solutions. Patent No. 4,668,400, 13 claims.

Jack A. Lewis of Columbia, George C. Papavizas of Beltsville, et. al., assignors to the secretary of Agriculture. Preparation of pellets containing fungi and nutrient for control of silborne plant pathogens. Patent No. 4,668,509, 8 claims.

Jennifer M. Quirk of College Park, et. al., assignor to Union Carbide Corp., Danbury, Conn. Process for the preparation of olefinic silanes and siloxanes. Patent No. 4,668,812, 21 claims.

Philip M. Cowette Jr. of Baltimore, assignor to Allied Corp., Morristown, N.J. D.C.-to-D.C. converter power supply with dual regulated outputs. Patent No. 4,669,036, 4 claims.

John W. Pettit of Derwood and Douglas M. Carr of Sterling, Va., assignors to Eurotherm Corp., Reston, Va. Self-tuning controller. Patent No. 4,669,040, 48 claims.