Following is a list of patents granted to Virginia investors. The compilation is a recent one but is not necessarily complete.

Richard E. Ginter of Arlington, assignor to Armstrong World Industries Inc., Lancaster, Pa. Backing block for profile sanders. Patent No. 4,662,121, 2 claims.

Elbert F. Morrison of Clarksville, assignor to Burlington Industries Inc., Greensboro, N.C. Separation and phasing of sheath silver around a core. Patent No. 4,662,164, 28 claims.

Frank L. Toon of Mclean, no assignor. Paper salvage attachment for paper cutter. Patent No. 4,662,255, 11 claims.

Terry L. Whipple of Richmond, et. al, no assignors. Surgical instrument. Patent No. 4,662,371, 5 claims.

Shyamal Chakravorty of Springfield, no assignor. Gravity-actuated unidirectional regulated tissue dispensing system. Patent No. 4,662,578, 2 claims.

Rolf Brand of South Hill, no assignor. Lightweight Aircraft. Patent No. 4,662,582, 9 claims.

Stuart M. Halpert of Richmond, assignor to Marston Inc., Richmond, Va. Stackable booster chair. Patent No. 4,662,678, 23 claims.

Gregory A. Dries of Newport News and Stephen S. Tompkins of Williamsburg, assignors to National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Method of thermal strain hystesis reduction in metal matrix composites. Patent No. 4,662,955, 4 claims.

Dale A. Furlong of Vinton, assignor to Ets Inc., Roanoke, Va. Emission control process for combustion flue gases. Patent No. 4,663,136, 11 claims.

Glenn A. Pearson of Alexandria, no assignor. Fire retardant composition. Patent No. 4,663,239, 19 claims.

Paul M. Hergenrother of Yorktown, Robert G. Brass of Richmond, Mark S. Sinsky of Richmond, and John W. Connell of Richmond, assignors to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Polyenamines from aromatic diacetylenic diketones and diamines. Patent No. 4,663,483, 10 claims.

Richard J. Patch of Lynchburg, assignor to General Electric Co., Lynchburg, Va. Integrated circuit amplifier module. Patent No. 4,663,599, 37 claims.

Dale V. Dennis of Williamsburg, assignor to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Aircraft control position indicator. Patent No. 4,663,627, 21 claims.

Sujeet Chand of Charlottesville, Jack B. Amis of Ruckersville, et. al., assignors to General Electric Co., Charlottesville, Va. Robot control utilizing cubic spline interpolation. Patent No. 4,663,726, 7 claims.

Melvin W. Sutphin of Bedford and Theodore E. Taylor of Lynchburg, assignors to General Electric Co., New York. Data muting method and apparatus for audio-digital communications systems. Patent No. 4,663,765, 14 claims.

Clinton J.T. Young, of Alexandria, assignor to Vasco Ltd., Dayton, Ohio. Page flipper For book copying. Patent No. 4,663,873, 22 claims.

C. Harry Parkinson of Poquoson, assignor to DEI-East Inc., Newport News, Va. Air flow system bypassing a balance in a model airplane being tested in a wind tunnel. Patent No. 4,663,967, 20 claims.

James F. Moorefield II of Danville, assignor to Lorillard Inc., New York. Apparatus For transporting, storing and blending small bales of tobacco. Patent No. 4,664,131, 19 claims.

John D. Shipman Jr. of Alexandria and Bernard L. Wexler of Arlington, assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Minimum inductance laser head for pulsed transverse discharges without wall tracking. Patent No. 4,665,526, 22 claims.

Preston Edgerton of Newport News, no assignor. Shoe top cover. Patent No. 4,665,63, 2 claims.

Silvio Diana of Alexandria, no assignor. Monolithic surface ornamentation of pre-cast reinforced concrete wall. Patent No. 4,665,673, 16 claims.

David G. Smith of Midland, no assignors. Combined rain gauge and weather vane. Patent No. 4,665,744, 4 claims.

Evangelos A. Papadatos of Falls Church, no assignor. Chord selector for a stringed instrument. Patent No. 4,665,789, 3 claims.

Everett C. Grollimund of Midlothian, no assignor. Flesh cutter of strip for grafting. Patent No. 4,665,915, 15 claims.

Thomas J. Fields of Falls Church, no assignor. Device for securing electrical connectors. Patent No. 4,666,224, 5 claims.

Henry F. Taylor and Scott C. Rashleigh, both of Alexandria. and Joseph F. Weller of Fort Washington, Md., et. al., assignors to Sachs/Freeman Associates Inc., Bowie, Md. Method and apparatus for acousto-optically shifting the frequency of a light signal propagating in a single-mode fiber. Patent No. 4,666,255, 20 claims.

Ashok H. Shah of Richmond, assignor DuPont and Co., Wilmington, Del. Apparatus for making nonwoven sheet. Patent No. 4,666,395, 1 claim.

Paul A. Braginetz of Staunton, no assignor. Shielded medical syringe. Patent No. 4,666,435, 12 claims.

Steven F. Spiers, Harold T. Hinson, William H. Smick III and Gregory A. Shelton, all of Richmond, and Everett C. Grollimund of Midlothian, assignors to Philip Morris Inc., New York. Apparatus for producing a strip of laminated sheet material. Patent No. 4,666,550, 3 claims.

Russell E. Coiner of Staunton, Henri T. Burgers of Grottoes, and Jeffery P. Stowers of Afton, assignors to Virginia Panel Corp., Waynesboro, Va. Modular molded vacuum test fixture. Patent No. 4,667,155, 7 claims.

Charles E. Kaul of Springfield, no assignor. Active visual display system for remote three-axis flight guidance of landing aircraft. Patent No. 4,667,196, 4 claims.

James D. Hedrick of Riverton, no assignor. Combination dual rhombic and V-type antenna for VHF-UHF television receivers. Patent No. 4,667,204, 4 claims.

Andrew J. Corell of Stuarts Draft, no assignor. Tomato cage. Patent No. 4,667,438, 15 claims.

Dennis Hart of Abingdon, assignor to The Dosco Corp., Abingdon, Va. Mining machine with adjustable jib. Patent No. 4,668,016, 20 claims.

James M. Burnett, Robit M. Daftari, and Randolph M. Reyns, all of Lynchburg, assignors to Babcock & Wilcox Co., New Orleans. Safety grade pressurizer heater power supply connector assembly. Patent No. 4,668,038, 4 claims.

James N. Wright of Wytheville, no assignor. Weather shield for side-mounted, rear-view tractor-trailer mirror. Patent No. 4,668,058, 3 claims.

Sina Ebnesajjad and Eugene G. Jones, both of Martinsville, Va., assignors to Du Pont and Co., Wilmington, Del. Cospinning process. Patent No. 4,668,453, 1 claim.

Timothy P. Merchant of Centreville, no assignor. Dormant tone imaging. Patent No. 4,668,597, 8 claims.

Chandler R. Yaylor Jr. of Mechanicsville, assignor to A.H. Robins Co., Richmond, Va. 2-(amino-pryedintl) amine (phenyl) aryl melthanones, their thioxomethyl, ketal or thioketal analogs. Patent No. 4,668,675, 3 claims.

Larry R. Barnett of Manassas and J. Mark Baird of Gaithersburg, Md., assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Waveguide coupler using three or more wave modes. Patent No. 4,668,894, 11 claims.

Ray E. Russell Jr. and Robert G. Hayworth, both of Vienna, assignors to Vega Precision Laboratories Inc., Vienna, Va. Encoding apparatus and method for a position coded pulse communication system. Patent No. 4,668,950, 14 claims.

Bernard E. Keiser of Vienna, assignor to The Reinforced Earth Co., Arlington, Va. Panel system for shielding microwave antennas. Patent No. 4,668,958, 14 claims.

Lelvin Bracy of Virginia Beach, no assignor. Foot warmer. Design Patent No. D-289-850. Term of patent 14 years.