NEW YORK, JULY 13 -- The dollar closed slightly softer today against all major currencies with the exception of the Japanese yen on mild profit taking ahead of Wednesday's scheduled report on the U.S. merchandise trade deficit.

Gold closed higher.

In New York, the dollar rose to 151.20 yen, up from 150.80. Earlier in Tokyo, the dollar closed at 151.28 yen, up 0.33 over Friday's rate of 150.95.

Earl Johnson of Harris Bank in Chicago said the dollar was unable to sustain a brief foray above the 1.85 level against the West German mark.

"There are some market fears of central bank intervention if you get over 1.85," Johnson said.

In Frankfurt, the dollar ended at 1.8459 marks, up from the previous close of 1.8436. Later in New York, the dollar closed at 1.8440, down from 1.8465.

"The dollar still looks pretty good on the charts," Johnson said. "The trade figure is the big number."

Johnson said the dollar should receive a boost if the May trade deficit comes in at around $11 billion to $12 billion. The April shortfall was $13.3 billion.

A deficit of $13 billion to $14 billion, Johnson said, would be a "neutral" number for the dollar, while an imbalance of $15 billion or above would be a negative.

In London, the pound rose to $1.6185, up from $1.6140. In New York, the pound rose to $1.6155, up from $1.6145 Friday.

The dollar slipped to $1.3201 Canadian from $1.3208.

The Paris market was closed today and will remain so Tuesday for France's national Bastille Day holiday. In New York, the dollar closed unchanged at 6.1320 French francs.

Other European closing rates with late New York prices and comparable Friday rates in parentheses:

Zurich, 1.5390 Swiss francs, down from 1.5395 (1.5390 vs. 1.5395); Amsterdam, 2.0725 guilders, down from 2.0765 (2.0730 vs. 2.0775); Milan, 1,337.05 lire, up from l,334.75 (1,334.00 vs. 1,337.00).

In Zurich, gold rose to $446.50 an ounce, up from $445.50. And in London, gold closed at $446.75, up slightly from $446.50.

Republic National Bank in New York closed cash gold at $447 an ounce, up from $444.25 Friday. New York's Commodity Exchange settled the spot contract at $446.90, up from $444.30.

Silver rose to $7.61 an ounce from $7.58 on the cash market; the Comex settled silver at $7.613, up from $7.586. Earlier in London, silver rose to $7.685 from $7.655.