Citicorp reported a $2.58 billion second-quarter loss yesterday, the second-largest ever for a U.S. corporation and one of several major losses posted yesterday by major U.S. banking concerns.

Also reporting losses were New York's Manufacturers Hanover Corp. and Bankers Trust New York Corp., San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co. and Los Angeles-based First Interstate Bancorp.

The reports deepened the tide of red ink suffered by the nation's major banks following their decisions earlier this year to move billions of dollars from earnings into reserves for covering shaky loans to developing nations.

Citicorp, the nation's biggest bank holding company, began the trend in May by announcing it was taking a $3 billion provision for possible losses on its foreign loans.

Citicorp said the $2.58 billion quarterly loss compared with a second quarter 1986 profit of $235 million ($1.60 per share).

Manufacturers Hanover posted a $1.37 billion net loss in the quarter, compared with a profit of $93.9 million ($1.99), a year earlier.

Bankers Trust had a $554 million net second quarter loss, compared with a profit of $104.2 million ($1.45) in the same period last year.

Wells Fargo reported a $293.7 million loss, compared with net income of $66.1 million ($1.17) in the second quarter of 1986.

First Interstate lost $469.8 million for the quarter, compared with a year-ago profit of $84.7 million ($1.80).

Citicorp's net loss was second only to the $4.87 billion loss taken by American Telephone & Telegraph Co. in the fourth quarter of 1983 as a result of a $5.5 billion after-tax charge related to the breakup of the Bell System.

Citicorp stated that excluding the special loan loss provision and related tax benefits its second-quarter profit would have totaled $288 million.

The company and other major bankers have maintained their core operations were sound and would continue growing following the earnings shock stemming from the reserve additions. Citicorp, in fact, yesterday raised its second-quarter dividend to 67.5 cents from 61.5 cents a year earlier.

In the first six months of 1987, Citicorp had a loss of $2.32 billion, compared with a profit of $505 million ($3.47) in the year-earlier period.

Manufacturers Hanover said that excluding its $1.7 billion loan loss provision it would have had net income of $88.4 million ($1.83) in the second quarter.

For the six months, Manufacturers Hanover lost $1.29 billion, compared with a profit of $196 million ($4.13) a year earlier.

Bankers Trust took a $700 million provision for loan losses in light of Brazil's suspension of foreign debt interest payments earlier this year and similar reserves taken by other major banks. Bankers Trust stated that without the special reserve addition its second quarter profit would have totaled $116 million ($1.64).