NEW YORK, AUG. 21 -- A majority of Americans are happy with their pay and benefits, but are much less satisfied with the management of their companies, a recent private survey says.

The study, conducted in May and June by Wyatt Co., an international consulting firm, attempted to measure employe attitudes about a range of work-related issues, including wages, job security, workers' commitment to their jobs and their impression of senior management's performance.

Workers were asked to agree or disagree with characterizations about the various topics as applied to their own jobs, and the responses were graded as favorable and unfavorable for each broad category.

When asked to rate their salaries on the basis of several criteria, about 53 percent of those surveyed responded favorably, while 23 percent responded unfavorably. About 61 percent responded favorably overall about benefits, while 18 percent gave unfavorable ratings.

Employes also rated their physical work environment well, with 61 percent responding favorably about their work space and 12 percent expressing concerns about it.

Overall job satisfaction was high, with 70 percent responding favorably and 10 percent expressing dissatisfaction with their jobs. When asked about their commitment to their jobs, 53 percent responded favorably while 20 percent responded unfavorably.

Questions regarding management got some of the most negative responses of the survey, Wyatt said. Only 39 percent of the respondents gave overall favorable ratings when asked how they were treated by management above their immediate superiors, while 26 percent responded unfavorably.

"These lower ratings are not surprising," Wyatt said. "When various aspects of work life are not satisfying, the ultimate responsibility for the state of the work environment tends to be attributed to management."

The study culled responses from 5,391 people who were selected randomly by telephone and later answered questionnaires from Wyatt. Those eligible for the survey had to be 18 years or older and employed full-time by a private sector company with at least 100 full-time workers