The Asian Development Bank has approved a technical assistance grant to study energy problems in the region comprising the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

ASEAN includes Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brumei, Indonesia and the Philippines.

ADB's grant will be used to gather material that ASEAN energy ministers can use to formulate proposals for regional cooperation in energy. The proposals will be presented to a meeting of ASEAN government heads in December 1987.

The bank plans to use an in-house energy data base to analyze the demand and supply of energy in ASEAN countries.

The study should help governments identify policy issues and potential trade and investment opportunities in the energy sector. At the same time, it may encourage these nations to coordinate energy policies.

ADB's technical assistance is implemented in close consultation with energy officials of ASEAN countries.

Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank has approved a technical assistance grant to the Philippines to study its Public Investment Program. (PIP).

The Philippine government examines investment activities of the public sector through the Public Investment Program. By so doing, the government can better use scarce resources and postpone or cancel projects with a low priority.

Under the technical assistance grant, a study will be conducted in order to make the PIP a more efficient, responsive and effective planning instrument for development.

The study will review the current PIP, evaluate its priorities and recommend improvements. ADB's money will also provide PIP with a multi-user computer system and training for some PIP personnel.

The technical assistance will be implemented in two phases. Phase I will require services from a team of internationally recruited consultants. Phase II will bring in a team of local computer specialists.