NEW YORK, SEPT. 21 -- The dollar closed fractionally higher today in quiet trading as market participants assumed a cautious stance ahead of the planned meeting of monetary officials in Washington later this week.

Gold closed higher.

The dollar ended at 1.81 West German marks, up from Friday's 1.8060. Earlier in Frankfurt, the dollar rose to 1.8107 from 1.8092.

The dollar climbed to 143 yen, up from 142.60. Overnight in Tokyo, the dollar rose to 143.08, up 0.35 yen from last week's close of 142.73.

Traders said the dollar should remain in a narrow range prior to the meeting of the Group of Seven industrial nations at the end of the week. The talks among finance officials of the G-7 nations -- the United States, West Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Italy and Canada -- will precede the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

"The market feeling {toward the dollar} is still bearish, but traders are afraid to sell dollars ahead of the G-7 meeting," said Henry Weiland, a trader with NatWest U.S.A.

Weiland said the market is struggling with two possible developments. One, the G-7 nations could agree to lower their dollar-yen target range to between 130-150 yen, down from the current presumed range of 140-160. The other possibility is an affirmation of the currency stabilization accord reached in Paris in February.

"There is a feeling that they are going to lower the bands," Weiland said. But because G-7 refuses to even acknowledge the existence of such targets, "the market will be reading between the lines and the statements that come out of the meeting."

The dollar rose to $1.3145 Canadian from $1.3132.

Other European closing rates with late New York prices and comparable Friday rates in parentheses:

Zurich, 1.5030 Swiss francs, up from 1.4975 (1.5024 vs. 1.4960); Paris, 6.0325 French francs, up from 6.0305 (6.0380 vs. 6.0157); Milan, 1,307.10 lire, up from 1,306.20 (1,310.10 vs. 1,303.50).

Republic National Bank in New York closed cash gold at $462.50 an ounce, up from its Friday close of $458.25. New York's Commodity Exchange settled the spot contract at $462.10, up from $458.10.

In Zurich, gold fell to $458.50 an ounce, down from $461. In London, gold ended at $460.50, down from $461.25.

Silver rose to $7.69 an ounce from $7.38 on the cash market; the Comex settled it at $7.677, up from $7.364. Earlier in London, silver dropped to $7.48 from $7.54.