MBI Business Centers, which filed for bankruptcy protection 10 days ago after Maryland National Bank stopped advancing money to the Rockville-based computer retailer, said Friday it had reached an agreement with the bank to provide working capital on an interim basis.

The company said the agreement will provide it with funds needed to keep operating while it puts together a reorganization plan.

It also said it had developed a short-term operating plan while it prepares the reorganization proposal.

Under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code, a company is protected from its creditors while it attempts to reorganize.

MBI also said it is continuing to seek other sources of working capital, and it has said previously that it is searching for longer-term financial help.

MBI filed a Chapter 11 petition in federal bankruptcy court in Rockville on Sept. 18 after Maryland National found the company in default on its loan agreements and stopped advancing cash to the company.

The bank did not, however, call in the company's loans.

MBI has been having financial difficulties for several months, stemming in part from its temporary loss of a key contract to operate discount computer centers for government agencies.

The company, which has 20 stores on the East Coast, lost $13.8 million in its second quarter ended July 31 on $20 million in revenue, and said it had been operating in violation of loan covenants with Maryland National since at least July 1, with the bank's permissio