The following is a listing of patents awarded to area inventors. The listing is a recent one but is not necessarily comprehensive.

The District

Philip Retz, no assignor. Tide Turbine. Patent No. 4,686,376, 24 claims.

Gerald P. Skalka of the District and Stanley H. Skalka of Potomac, no assignors. Multi-Position computer support. Patent No. 4,687,167, 17 claims.

Gordon S. Creed, no assignor. Watch dial. Design patent No. D-291-541. Term of patent 14 years.


James A. Henderson of Finksburg, Constaine M. Travlos of Baltimore, David S. Ferris of Annapolis, et. al, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh. Wire preparation system. Patent No. 4,683,636, 2 claims.

Louis M. Sardella and John B. West, both of Cockeysville; John R. Harrison of Baltimore, et. al, assignors to the Ward Machinery Co., Cockeysville, Md. Die mounting apparatus. Patent No. 4,683,822, 20 claims.

I. Moskowitz of Baltimore, assignor to Bethlehem Steel Corp., Bethlehem, Pa. Analog cam profile sensor system. Patent No. 4,683,825, 20 claims.

Julia K. McBride of Lanham, no assignor. Electric nail filing device. Patent No. 4,683,897, 10 claims.

Longine J. Wojciechowski of Potomac, assignor to the Reinforced Earth Co., Arlington. Retaining wall construction and method for erection. Patent No. 4,684,287, 8 claims.

Howard Martin of Silver Spring, no assignor. Endodontic access bur with extended diamond coat and method for using. Patent No. 4,684,346, 1 claim.

William A. Welsh of Fulton, Yves O. Parent of Skyesville, and Stanley A. Mertz of Eldersburg, assignors to W.R. Grace & Co., New York. Absorption of proteins from fluids. Patent No. 4,684,530, 19 claims.

Richard S. Potember of Catonsville and Theodore O. Poehler of Baltimore, assignors to the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Enchanced optically sensitive medium using organic charge transfer materials to provide reproducible thermal/optical erasure. Patent No. 4,684,598.

John E. Dibbern Jr. of Street, et. al, assignors to Black & Decker Inc., Newark, Del. Electrical contacts for a switch. Patent No. 4,684,774, 3 claims.

Richard C. Nickels Jr. of Hampstead, assignor to General Instrument Corp., New York. Multiple input compact ticket processor. Patent No. 4,684,792, 25 claims.

Grant H. Watkins of Upper Marlboro and Lester K. Stanley of Baltimore, assignors to The United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Air Force. Low noise phase two port voltage controlled oscillator. Patent No. 4,684,904, 9 claims.

Joseph A. Greco II of Silver Spring, Donald K. Hawkins of College Park, Scott R. LeGrys of Burtonsville, and Wai Kit Man of Silver Spring., assignors to The Singer Co., Silver Spring. Generic database generator system and method. Patent No. 4,685,068, 30 claims.

James R. Cricchi of Catonsville and Franklin C. Blaha of Arnold, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Air Force. Direct moat self-aligned field oxide technique. Patent No. 4,685,194, 5 claims.

Isias Loukos of Knoxville, no assignor. Feeder for highly abrasive materials. Patent No. 4,685,593, 15 claims.

Edward J. Tinus of Baltimore, no assignor. Seat rebuilding. Patent No. 4,685,738, 6 claims.

Harry T. Gibson of Thurmont, no assignor. Pyrolytic decomposition apparatus. Patent No. 4,686,008, 7 claims.

Harold Z. Sommer of Harve de Grace and Omer O. Owens of Abingdon, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Army. Chemical agents. Patent No. 4,686,293, 6 claims.

Evon C. Creanias of Chevy Chase, et. al., assignors to International Business Machines Corp., Armonk, N.Y. Combined finger touch and stylus detection system sor use on the viewing surface of a visual display device. Patent No. 4,686,332, 10 claims.

Franklin B. Jones of Baltimore, Charles S. Kerfoot of Pasadena, and Walter E. Miberger of Severna Park, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Air Force. Slewing power supply for programmable phase shifter drive. Patent No. 4,486,448, 5 claims.

John R. Cressey of College Park, assignor to Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc., Norcross, Ga. Digital data modulator and digital-to-analog converter. Patent No. 4,686,490, 47 claims.

Curtis E. Vanderburg of Annapolis, no assignor. Emergency lighting system. Patent No. 4,686,505, 4 claims.

Bruce J. Wilke of Ijamsville, assignor to Internatiofnal Business Machines Corp., Armonk, N.Y. Call Progress monitor for a computer telephone interface. Patent No. 4,686,699, 13 claims.

R. Wayne Newsome of Columbia, no assignor. Structurally reinforced, prefabricated and modular chimney system. Patent No. 4,686,807, 31 claims.

Ronald D. Stouffer of Silver Spring and Paul L. Sulsky of Columbia, assignors to Bowles Fluidics Corp., Columbia, Md. Air distribution system. Patent No. 4,686,890, 14 claims.

Nicholas P. D. Smyth of Bethesda, et. al., assignors to Nicholas P. D. Smyth, Washington, D.C. Method of operating pacemaker for detecting pacemaker-mediated tachycardia. Patent No. 4,686,989, 13 claims.

Harold von Brauunhut of Bryans Road, no assignor. Spring whip defensive mechanism having means to permit disassembly thereof. Patent No. 4,687,131, 19 claims.

Squire J. Thomas of Baltimore, no assignor. Court ball game. Patent No. 4,687,208, 4 claims.

Erik Lipson of Potomac and McElanie J. Sansom Smith of Silver Spring, no assignor. Tubular eyeglass frame. Patent No. 4,687,306, 4 claims.

Pedro B. Macedo of Bethesda, Aron Barkatt of Silver Spring, and Herbert G. Sutter of Gaithersburg, assignors to Pedro B. Macedo, Bethesda. Method of separating and purifying by ion exchange with regenerable porous glass. Patent No. 4,687,581, 38 claims.

Mark O. Linden of Gaithersburg, et. al., assignors to Calmac Manufacturing Corp., Engelwood, N.J. Refrigerant mixture of trichloroflouromethane and dichlorohexafluoropropane. Patent No. 4,687,588, 3 claims.

Long S. Tong of Gaithersburg, no assignor. Passive safety device for emergency steam dump and heat removal for steam generators in nuclear power reactors. Patent No. 4,687,626, 3 claims.

Christian D. Harvey of Baltimore, no assignor. Composting unit. Patent No. 4,687,645, 1 claim.

George W. Gokel of Columbia and Vincent J. Gatto of Silver Spring, assignors to University of Maryland. Process for the direct preparation of N,N-disubstituted derivatives for 4,13-diaza-18-crown-6. Patent No. 4,687,844, 7 claims.

Edgar J. Beyn of Annapolis, no assignor. Alternation control system having manual current selection capability and voltage dependent cutoff circuit. Patent No. 4,687,983, 13 claims.

Marc D. Mermelstein of Chevy Chase, assignor to Geo-Centers Inc., Newton Center, Mass. Fiber optic magnetic field sensing transducer having a resonant structure. Patent No. 4,687,993, 5 claims.

Jerry A. Krill of Ellicott City, assignor to The Johns Hopkins University. Inlet for internal cooling of overmoded waveguide. Patent No. 4,688,007, 13 claims.

Bertram Magenheim of Bethesda and James K. Rocks of Leesburg, Va., assignors to University Research Foundation, Greenbelt. Microwave ice accretion measuring instrument. Patent No. 4,688,185, 29 claims.

Lawrence Wride of Ellicott City and Donald Keefer of Pasadena, assignors to Classic Corp., Baltimore. Wave dampened waterbed. Patent No. 4,688,284, 7 claims.

Donald E. Wolfe Sr. of Aberdeen, no assignor. Adjustable carriage for electric string trimmers. Patent No. 4,688,376, 7 claims.

Lawrence B. Marsh of Silver Spring, no assignor. Averaging velocity sensor for measuring fluid flow in a conduit. Patent No. 4,688,432, 27 claims.

Bing McCoy of Bethesda, assignor to Bing McCoy and Donal Delaski, both of Bethesda. Optical pickup for use with a stringed musical instrument. Patent No. 4,688,460, 17 claims.

Harvey W. Ko and Lynn W. Hart, both of Columbia, assignors to The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Non-invasive electromagnetic technique For monitoring bone healing and bone fracture localization. Patent No. 4,688,580, 13 claims.

Steven s. Edson of Elkridge, assignor to W.R. Grace & Co., New York. Manual relief gas vent. Patent No. 4,688,591, 21 claims.

William F. Stoner of Frederick, no assignor. Collapsible support system. Patent No. 4,688,658. 13 Claims.

Stanley J. Sarnoff and William R. Tarello both of Bethesda; Claudio Lopez of Silver Spring, and Daniel W. Karcher of Great Falls, assignors to Survival Technology Inc. Bethesda. Automatic medication ingredient mixing and injecting apparatus. Patent No. 4,689,042, 34 claims.

Marvin L. Jones of Cumberland, assignor to Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del. Co-oxidizers in solid crosslinked double base propellants (U). Patent No. 4,689,097, 8 claims.

Fred D. Finkelman of Rockville, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Navy. Enhancement of specific antibody pooduction with anti-IGD antibodies. Patent No. 4,689,400, 16 claims.

Edward R. Gamberg of Severna Park, assignor to Eutectic Corp., Flushing, N.Y. Cored tubular electrode and method or the electric-arc cutting of metals. Patent No. 4,689,461, 22 claims.

Hermann B. Sequeira of Baltimore, assignor to Martin Marietta Corp., Bethesda. Dielectric slab circulators. Patent No. 4,689,584, 14 claims.

Hermann B. Sequeira of Baltimore, assignor to Martin Marietta Corp., Bethesda. Dielectric slab signal insulators. Patent No. 4,689,585, 7 claims.

Leonard L. Kleinberg of Annapolis, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Temperature responsive transmitter. Patent No. 4,689,621, 9 claims.

Melvin Barmat of Bethesda, assignor to Martin Marietta. Satellite communications system and method therefore. Patent No. 4,689,625, 11 claims.

Bernard L. Lewis of Oxon Hill, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Navy. Adaptive sidelobe canceller system. Patent No. 4,689,628, 17 claims.

John O. Garney Jr. of Kensington, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Army. Photofluidic audio receiver. Patent No. 4,689,827, 17 claims.

Maryland Design Patents

Beverly C. Rich of Rexton, no assignor. Two-way binder rack. Design patent No. D-291,158. Term of patent 14 years.

Andrew J. Hyman of Chevy Chase, no assignor. Eye glasses or similar article. Design patent No. D-291,206. Term of patent 14 years.

Paul H. Sugarbaker of Bethesda, et. al., assignors to Baxter Travenol Laboratories Inc., Deerfield, Ill. Intrapelvic displacement prosthesis. Design patent No. D-291,248. Term of patent 14 years.

George W. Korper of Dickerson, assignor to Arche Inc., Beltsville. Nail polish pen with cuticle stick. Design patent No. D-291,374. Term of patent 14 years.

Anthony J. Antonious of towson, no assignor. Golf club head. Design patent No. D-291,465. Term of patent 14 years.

Peter D'Antonio of Largo and John H. Konnert of Reston, assignors to RPG Diffusor Systems Inc., Largo, Md. Acoustical baffle. Design patent No. D-291,601. Term of patent 14 years.


Thomas J. Greer Jr. of Arlington, no assignor. Motor element for facially animated mannequin. Patent No. 4,683,699, 38 claims.

John D. Broughman Jr., Barry G. Calvert and Danny B. Hill, all of Covington, assignors to Westvaco Corp., New York. Patent No. 4,683,745, 3 claims.

Allen H. Taylor, of Newport News, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lightweight piston. Patent No. 4,683,809, 18 claims.

Clarence W. Hewlett Jr. of Waynesboro, assignor to Gemicom Corp. Print element control. Patent No. 4,683,818, 11 claims.

Marvin D. Rhodes of Yorktown, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Preloaded space structural coupling jnint. Patent No. 4,684,156, 8 claims.

Frank W. Ferguson of Arlington and Kenneth R. Herrity of Falls Church, assignors to Frank Ferguson, Arlington. Audio-visual teaching system and method. Patent No. 4,684,349, 12 claims.

James D. Hodge of Midlothian and Kiu-Seung Lee of Richmond, assignors to E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Del. Solvent system comprising N-alkyl substituted amide and quarternary ammonium compound. Patent No. 4,684,409, 4 claims.

Lawson A. Wood of Arlington, no assignor. Analog/digital converter using remainder signals. Patent No. 4,684,9224, 47 claims.

Warren L. Braum and Walter M. Curt, both of Harrisonburg, assignors to ConSonics Inc. Harrisonburg, Va. Portable sampling spectrum analyzer. Patent No. 4,685,065, 22 claims.

Joe T. May of Leesburg and Steven D. Hale of Lovettsville, assignors to Electronic Instrumemtation and Technology, Sterling. Film area computer. Patent No. 4,685,074, 33 claims.

Steven J. Powers of Chilhowie, assignor to Fred R. Murray Jr., Guy and G. Arnold, all of Chilhowie, Va., part interest to each. Rescue axe. Patent No. 4,685,213, 18 claims.

Richard D. Jones of Springfield, assignor to UHR Corp., Alexandria. Residential heating, cooling and energy management system. Patent No. 4,685,307, 9 claims.

Paul J. Latimer of Lynchburg, assignor to the Babcock & Wilcock Co., New Orleans. Method for ultrasonic detection of hydrogen damage in boiler tubes. Patent No. 4,685,334, 6 claims.

Julius Mayer of Pettersburg, no assignee. Quick-mount thread-cutting attachment for lathes. Patent No. 4,685,362, 3 claims.

Vedpal S. Malik, Bernard A. Semp, Herman G. Bravo and Daniel M. Teng, all of Richmond, assignors to Philip Morris Inc. Thermophilic denitrification of tobacco. Patent No. 4,685,478, 12 claims. Gerald C. Roinestad of Winchester, no assignee. Conveyor belt drive sprocket system. Patent No. 4,685,557, 24 claims.

Peter I. Ceperley of Annandale, no assignee. Split mode traveling-wave ring-resonator. Patent No. 4,686,407, 14 claims.

Gerald W. Austin of Salem, assignor to Professional Care Products Inc., Roanoke. External single-use catheter. Patent No. 4,685,913, 5 claims.

Richard German of Vienna, no assignee. Pet-operable annunciator. Patent No. 4,686,504, 6 claims.