Jan C. Lundberg, son of the deceased publisher of The Lundberg Letter, a widely read petroleum industry publication, has partially resolved a dispute with his sister by agreeing not to publish a competing newsletter in Fredericksburg under the Lundberg name.

The agreement represents a partial settlement of a U.S. District Court suit filed against Jan Lundberg by Trilby Lundberg, who has published The Lundberg Letter in North Hollywood since their father, Dan, the newsletter's founder, died in 1986.

"This will hopefully end a family split any court hates to see," Judge A. Andrew Hauk said. "There's nothing more tedious than members of a family coming into court and attacking one another. It becomes oftentimes very vicious."

Trilby Lundberg and the firm that publishes the newsletter, Lundberg Survey, claimed her brother infringed on the publication's trademark by publishing Lundberg Reports, a newsletter also aimed at the petroleum industry.

Jan Lundberg agreed not to use his name in any products or services related to the petroleum industry.

Still to be resolved is Trilby Lundberg's claim that her brother misappropriated proprietary information while he was a key officer of Lundberg Survey from 1970 to 1986. Another hearing on that dispute was set for Dec. 14.

Lundberg Survey has conducted market research and policy analysis for the petroleum and energy industries since its founding in 1962. It began publishing The Lundberg Letter in 1973, reporting petroleum prices and other market trends