The following is a list of patents recently granted to area inventors. It is not necessarily a comprehensive listing.

District Inventors

Stephen B. Kuznetov, et. al., assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh. Continuous metal-casting apparatus. Patent number 4,693,299; 11 claims.

Richard J. Podolsky and Gordon R. Baker of Rockville, et. al., assignors to the Department of Health and Human Services. Apparatus and method for measuring muscle sarcomere length in vivo. Patent number 4,693,606; 16 claims.

Keith A. Scripps, no assignee. Combination electrical light, smoke and/or heat detector. Patent number 4,694,285; two claims.

Wayne W. Hunter, no assignee. Device for holding construction materials. Patent number 4,695,028; seven claims.

Leonard L. Perkins and Anthony Perkins, no assignee. Display case for miniature sports headgear. Design patent number D-291,850. Term of patent 14 years.

Maryland Inventors

Peter C. Chaconas of Glyndon, assignor to Black & Decker Inc., Newark, Del. Saw blade and tip. Patent number 4,690,024; 45 claims.

Bing McCoy of Bethesda, assignor to himself and Donald DeLaski, Great Falls. Pitch and amplitude calculator and converter that provides an output signal with a normalized frequency. Patent number 4,690,026; 25 claims.

Gerald W. Sank of Pasadena, assignor to Vulcan-Hart Corp., Louisville, Ky. Catalytic combustion deep-fat fryer. Patent number 4,690,146; 11 claims.

Harvey W. Ko of Columbia, assignor to The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Noninvasive electromagnetic techniques for monitoring physiological changes in the brain. Patent number 4,690,149; seven claims.

Alan H. Grant of Chevy Chase, no assignee. Barbed lid closure. Patent number 4,690,291; 11 claims.

John D. Hite of Silver Spring, no assignee. Solder dispenser. Patent number 4,690,318; 20 claims.

Charles D. Van Ry of Annapolis, no assignee. Apparatus for microaquaculture and pollution control. Patent number 4,690,756; seven claims.

Steven A. Rosenberg of Bethesda, assignor to the Department of Health and Human Services. Adoptive immunotherapy as a treatment modality in humans. Patent number 4,690,915; 11 claims.

Kyle W. Resh of Baltimore, assignor to Vista Chemical Co., Houston. Process for production of alkyl aromatics. Patent number 4,691,068; eight claims.

George Mon of Silver Spring, assignor to Navy Department. Variable linear resistor. Patent number 4,691,187; two claims.

John H. Kuck of Silver Spring, assignor to the Air Force. Automatic attenuator for sonobuoys. Patent number 4,691,305; 10 claims.

Chi Goo Woo of Luthersville, no assignee. Collapsible hammock. Patent number 4,691,394; nine claims.

Dale M. Riser of Salisbury, et. al., assignors to Perdue Inc., Salisbury, Md. Gizzard harvester. Patent number 4,691,410; 12 claims.

John R. Shea Jr. of Baltimore, no assignor. Joint seal assembly. Patent number 4,691,489; 18 claims.

Gregory C. Martin of Gaithersburg, assignor to Pulse Electronics Inc., Rockville. Railroad coupler mount. Patent number 4,691,563; nine claims.

Denzil C. Poling of Hagerstown, no assignee. Hydraulic control valve. Patent number 4,691,618; 26 claims.

Katherine K. Flamm of Baltimore, J. Kyle Gilley of Columbia, David F. Geary of Severna Park, and Edward N. Schinner of Highland, assignors to Baltimore Aircoil Co., Jessup, Md. Compression sealing of tubes within shell and tube heat exchanger. Patent number 4,691,769; 13 claims.

John C. Vaughan of Rockville and Russell G. Perkins Jr. of Alexandria, assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Tilt-rotor wing fold mechanism and method. Patent number 4,691,878; 16 claims.

Donald H. Holdt of Cambridge, assignor to Cambridge Technologies Inc. Convertible wheelchair/litter. Patent number 4,4691,962; 17 claims.

Donald F. LeRoux of Elkton, et. al., assignors to Du Pont Co. Method and apparatus for air-jet-assisted film unloading from x-ray cassettes. Patent number 4,692,083; 12 claims.

ReaAnn M. Auel of Westminister and Joseph D. Jolson and David A. Stewart both of Baltimore, assignors to Mine Safety Appliances Co., Pittsburgh. Electrochemical determination of formaldehyde. Patent number 4,692,220; three claims.

Robert M. Spotnityz of Baltimore and Robert P. Kreh of Jessup, assignors to W.R. Grace & Co., New York. Oxidation of organic compounds using thallium ions. Patent number 4,692,227; 31 claims.

Arnold Brossi of Bethesda, assignor to the Department of Health and Human Services. Anti-inflammatory 2,3-didemethylcolchicine and additional derivatives. Patent number 4,692,463; eight 8 claims.

Harold Z. Sommer of Havre de Grace, assignor to the Secretary of the Army. Chemical agents. Patent number 4,695,530; three claims.

Charles G. Carter of Columbia, assignor to Stauffer Chemical Co., Westport, Conn. Methods for preparation of mercaptobenzoates. Patent number 4,692,545; 10 claims.

Robert D. Rosenthal of Gaithersburg, assignor to Trebor Industrial Inc., Gaithersburg. Near-infrared measuring instrument with sample holder. Patent number 4,692,620; 15 claims.

William D. Riley and Robert D. Brown Jr., both of Avondale, assignors to the Interior Department. Metal alloy identifier. Patent number 4,692,875; 18 claims.

Lewis R. Raszewski of Stevensville, assignor to the Crowell Corp., Newport, Del. Heat sealing and packaging. Patent number 4,693,056; eight claims.

Michael L. Sprouse of Clinton, no assignee. Glass-breaking tool. Patent number 4,694,403; six claims.

Randolph Talamantez of Silver Spring, no assignee. Ball-and-target game with tiltable playing surface. Patent number 4,693,476; five claims.

Michael A. Cross of Severna Park and Edward W. Nichols of Reisterstown, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh. Optical beam analyzer. Patent number 4,693,600; five claims.

Joseph Lingmayer of Rockville, assignor to Quantex Corp., Rockville. Dielectric for electroluminescent devices, and methods for making. Patent number 4,693,906; seven claims.

Anthony M. Schwartz of Rockville, et. al., assignors to Lehigh University, Bethleham, Pa. Lithographic plates and production process. Patent number 4,693,958; four claims.

Allen P. Minton of Bethesda, et. al., assignors to the Department of Health and Human Services. Method and apparatus for sequential fractionation. Patent number 4,693,984; 13 claims.

Thomas F. McCutchan of Silver Spring and Richard Wistar Jr. of Bethesda, assignors to the Department of Health and Human Services. Protective synthetic peptide against malaria and encoding gene. Patent number 4,693,994; four claims.

Raymond H. Schweiger of Baltimore, no assignee. Method for topical treatment of scar tissue. Patent number 4,694,021; 13 claims.

Geoerge E. Heinsohn of Elkton, assignor to DuPont Co. Process for separating methyl isocyanate. Patent number 4,694,101; six claims.

Troy L. Stueck of Baltimore, assignor to the Air Force. Patent number 4,694,195; three claims.

Davis L. Baugham of Hagerstown, no assignee. Method and apparatus for imparting a simple contour to a workpiece. Patent number 4,694,672; 15 claims.

Howard W. Keithley Jr. of Adelphi, assignor to Marie E. Keithley, Steven W. Keithley and Gwenn M. Kelly, all of Adelphi. Shape-adaptable protective cushion device and method of making and using same. Patent number 4,694,774; 14 claims.

James B. Leppert of Baltimore, no assignee. Integrated circuit sockets. Patent number 4,695,107; three claims.

Thomas P. Sapitowicz of Bel Air, assignor to General Instrument Corp. Horizontally or vertically orientable compact ticket processor. Patent number 4,695,171; 10 claims.

Roger M. Crane of Baltimore and Aleksander B. Macander of Rockville, assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Resin impregnation and processing technique for rigidizing net-shaped fibrous skeletal composite preforms. Patent number 4,695,344; 13 claims.

Alan Sloma of Silver Spring, assignor to Bristol-Myers Co., New York. Alpha interferon GX-1. Patent number 4,695,543; 19 claims.

Victor R. Deitz of Chevy Chase, no assignee. Chemically impregnated in situ regeneration of the efficiency of activated carbon filters for trapping radioactive iodine. Patent number 4,695,561; two claims.

James D. Hill of Mount Airy and Gene R. Wooden of Sterling, assignors to Fusion Systems Corp., Rockville. Structure for minimizing microwave leakage. Patent number 4,695,694; eight claims.

Earl H. Hildt of Baltimore, no assignee. Theft-detection wafer attachment system including shield member. Patent number 4,695,845; 17 claims.

Donald J. Mary, of New Carrolton, assignor to the Secretary of the Army. Method for determining the angular dimensions of a scene recorded by a video system. Patent number 4,695,892; seven claims.

Joon H. Han of Silver Spring, no assignee. Brake-holding system. Patent number 4,696,222; 12 claims.

Fred W. Wilson of Mount Airy and Timothy D. Smith of College Park, assignors to the Secretary of the Navy. Retractable lever action scroll seal for a surface-effect ship. Patent number 4,696,362; 38 claims.

Gene S. Hummel and Mark L. Hummel, both of Baltimore, assignors to Mumco Inc., Baltimore. Method of protecting vehicle exhaust system. Patent number 4,696,368; three claims.

Kenneth A. Jacobson of Silver Spring, John W. Daly of Washington, and Kenneth L. Kirk of Bethesda, assignors to the Department of Health and Human Services. Biologically active xanthine derivatives. Patent number 4,696,932; 13 claims.

Todd A. Heckel of Clarksville, assignor to Megatek Corp., San Diego, Calif. Computer graphics system for real-time calculation and display of the perspective view of three-dimensional scenes. Patent number 4,679,178; 38 claims. Maryland Design Patents

Robert M. Cohen of Rockville, assignor to Micro Connection Inc., Marlow, N.H. Computer maintenance tool carrying case. Design patent D-291,744. Term 14 years.

Narbik A. Karamian of Bethesda, assignor to Raf-Tan Inc., Bethesda. Faucet for protecting sterile fluid systems. Design patent D-291,719. Term of patent 14 years.

Edward W. Baumgardner of Taneytown, no assignee. Protective transport container for sports equipment. Design patent D-291,842. Term of patent 14 years.