The Soviet Union has received 250 proposals from Western companies to form joint business ventures in the Soviet Union. This is a partial list of American companies that are negotiating for business there. COMPANIES and NEGOTIATIONS

Coca-Cola Six-year agreement to help the Soviet Union build production lines for fruit juces and to establish supplies of concentrates for Fanta and Coca-Cola beverages.

Combustion Enginerring First company to announce a joint venture to make instrument and control products for oil refining and petrochemicals.

Cooperative Business International Barter deal with the Soviet Union involving exports to the United States of bee honey and oil products and exports to the Soviet Union of clothes and footwear.

Dresser Industries Talks on oil field products joint venture.

Ell Lilly Leter of intent to build joint plant in the Soviet Union to produce antibiotics and other medicines.

Monsanto Co Letter of intent to form a joint venture in the Soviet Union to make herbicides.

Occidental Petroleum

Letter of intent to form a joint venture to develop and operate a petrochemical complex.

PepsiCo Agreement with Moscow food-service officials to open two Pizza Hut joint venture restaurants.

SSMC (formerly known as Singer Sewing) Proposed joint venture for sewing-machine production.

Westinghouse Memorandum on cooperation in atomic energy generation and safety.

Source:Interflow, a Maplewood N.J. trade newsletter. This information was compiled over the past year and is subject to change.