Joseph E. Cappy, president and chief executive officer of AMC group vice president-Jeep/Eagle Marketing, Chrysler Motors

Jose J. Dedeurwaerder, vice chairman of the board of AMC resigned

William E. Enockson, group vice president-North American sales and marketing of AMC resigned

Jerry L. Sloan, vice president-public relations of AMC resigned (now at Ford public relations)

Tod O. Clare, vice president-international operations of AMC resigned

Gerard Gastaut, vice president-business planning and corporate affairs of AMC resigned (now at Renault Spain)

Kenneth A. Lawton, vice president and treasurer of AMC resigned

John W. Mowrey, vice president-supply and sourcing of AMC resigned

Jesus Peon, group vice president-manufacturing of AMC resigned (now at Renault Argentina)

Pierre Semerena, chairman of the board of AMC resigned from AMC, retired from Renault

Joseph L. Fromm, assistant treasurer of AMC resigned

Richard A. Calmes, vice president-personnel and industrial relations of AMC executive director-personnel planning and administration of Chrysler Corp.

Francois J. Castaing, group vice president-product and quality at AMC vice president-truck and Jeep engineering at Chrysler Motors

Joseph A. Chama Srour, controller of AMC national marketing plans manager-Eagle for Chrysler Motors

Thomas J. Foley, vice president-corporate planning and development for AMC executive director-international sales and new venture development for Chrysler Motors

John M. Sheridan, secretary and associate general counsel for AMC transition position, Chrysler legal staff at Chrysler Motors

Marvin W. Stucky, vice president-civic and governmental affairs at AMC executive director-regulatory affairs of Chrysler Motors

John P. Tierney, vice president and chief financial officer of AMC chairman, Chrysler Financial Corp.

Richard D. Houtman, assistant secretary of AMC legal staff at Chrysler Corp.

At least 100 of AMC's 125 ranking managers were offered jobs at Chrysler Corp. Many former AMC managers accepted the Chrysler positions, which often came with fewer responsibilities than the jobs they held at their old company.

AMC managers who were not offered Chrysler jobs received what officials at both companies called generous severance packages.

Depending on their position and time of service, the executives were eligible for up to two years of their former salaries and benefits. Top AMC officials who received another job during their severance eligibility period would have their Chrysler pay reduced by the amount of the annual salary received from their new job. But middle-level executives, those ranked just below the top group, could receive a full years severance pay regardless of whether they regained employment during their eligibility period.

All AMC executives not taken abrod by Chrysler were offered proessional assistance in finding new jobs.