The University of Virginia's Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration is starting the new year with a new logo.

The 1988 logo will have "Darden" written simply in red with a gray banner and a line drawing of UVA's rotunda above it. Next week, 51 cartons of stationery with the new logo will be distributed around the school.

"We wanted to change the logo because of the length of our name. Most people refer to us as Darden or the Darden School now. We kept the rotunda to hold onto our important link with University of Virginia," said Elaine Satterthwiate, director of public relations for Darden.

The old logo had "University of Virginia" written on the right side of a rotunda line drawing, and "The Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration" written on the left side of the drawing.

"In the old logo, everything was equally weighted. We spent 10 years with that, but we are Darden now. We don't need that long name, Satterthwiate said.

The official name of school is not changing; only the letterhead and the logo printed in the school's publications are changing.

Sonex Research Inc. of Annapolis has signed a licensing agreement with a British firm to manufacture one component of its pollution-control system.

Under the agreement, Econocruise Ltd. of Rugby, England, will make a control system that regulates gasoline and air flow into engine combustion chambers. The control system is part of Sonex's patented pollution-control system for cars, which may replace catalytic converters in European cars. New exhaust emission regulations are set to take effect throughout Europe in 1990-91.

Econocruise, a subsidiary of T&N PLC, makes electronic auto parts. Sonex signed an agreement in October giving the British firm exclusive rights to manufacture pistons that incorporate the Sonex combustion system.

Contel Corp. of Fairfax is establishing a research and development center within its federal systems sector.

"We want to strengthen our future competitive position and profitability by supplementing division technology from a central resource," said Contel President and Chief Executive Officer Donald W. Weber.

The Contel technology center plans to focus on developing high-technology telecommunications and information systems for all parts of the company. It will be divided into four areas of specialization, each concentrating on some aspect of computers or telephone communication.

Contel initially expects to employ 50 professionals in the research laboratory. Alan B. Salisbury, former commander of the Army Information Systems Engineering Command, has been named head of the center.

Questech Inc. of McLean is testing chemical defense systems under a $3.99 million contract from Brooks Air Force in San Antonio.

METFAB International Inc. plans to open a metal plant in Waynesboro Jan. 1 to shape raw steel or aluminum into usable forms.

The new company will service metals manufacturers in the United States.

Faust said the new company was started in Waynesboro because of the availability of skilled labor and easy access to Interstates 81 and 64, he said.

Users of MOST automated teller machines will be able to get money from ATMs in Tennessee and Kentucky beginning Jan. 1.

Internet Inc. of Reston, owner and operator of the MOST machines found in five mid-Atlantic states and the District, and First American Corp. of Nashville, owner and operator of The Money Place machine network in Tennessee and parts of Kentucky, have signed a letter of intent to merge their ATM networks.

The combination of MOST and The Money Place will add more than 200 locations for MOST cardholders to use in Tennessee, while The Money Place customers will get access to the more than 2,500 MOST ATM locations in the mid-Atlantic region, said David A. O'Connor, Internet's president. Announcements of news and developments affecting Washington area companies should be sent to Pamela Babcock, researcher, Business News Department, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Information must be received the Monday before publication to be considered for inclusion in Washington Business