The following is a list of patents issued to Virginia inventors. Although the compilation is a recent one, it is not necessarily complete.

Ron E. Ashero of Virginia Beach and Charles J. Lesko of Hampton, assignors to Ecotat System Co., Virginia Beach. Multipurpose garment. Patent No. 4,703,521; 9 claims.

David Bowman of Alexandria, no assignee. Poster mounting system. Patent No. 4,703,569; 9 claims.

Jorge Pardo of Reston, assignor to National Concrete Masonry Association, Herndon. Concrete masonry footer block foundation system and blocks. Patent No. 4,703,599; 13 claims.

Jorge Pardo of Reston, assignor to National Concrete Masonry Association, Herndon. Forming systems for construction. Patent No. 4,703,602; 44 claims.

Benjamin Brenneman of Lynchburg, assignor to Babcock & Wilcox Com., New Orleans. Apparatus and method for continuously measuring mass flow. Patent No. 4,703,660; 6 claims.

Robert N. Ross of Herndon, assignor to The Joy of Painting, Reston. Hands-free palette. Patent No. 4,703,910; 5 claims.

Elbert B. Updike Jr. of Culpeper and Bruce E. Updike of Nathalie. Container loading and unloading apparatus. Patent No. 4,704,063; 11 claims.

Beryl A. Boggs of Richmond, assignor to Allied Corp., Morris Township, N.J. Deflashing method. Patent No. 4,704,241; 4 claims.

Trevor P. Pickering of Williamsburg, George A. Paton of Newport News, James A.A. Gusack and Thomas E. Smith, both of Williamsburg, John H. Sanders of Newport News, Sterling M. Nichols of Williamsburg, Johnson L. Pursco of Newport News, John W. Lindsay and William E. Streetman, both of Williamsburg, assignors to BASF Corp., Williamsburg. Process for making electrically conductive textile filaments. Patent No. 4,704,311; 13 claims.

Frederick M. Teskin of Herndon, assignor to El Paso Products Co., Odessa, Tex. Nucleation of propylene polymers. Patent No. 4,704,421; 3 claims.

Gordon Gould of Arlington, no assignee. Light amplifiers employing collisions to product a population inversion. Patent No. 4,704,583; 15 claims.

Stuart T. Jefferson of Lorton, assignor to Jefferson Development Inc., Lorton. Trenching attachment for backhoe. Patent No. 4,704,811; 1 claim.

Paul A. Klann of Waynesboro, no assignee. Pipe organ valve. Patent No. 4,704,937; 12 claims.

Bernard A. Meadows of Elkton, no assignee. Method and apparatus for effecting an opening in a well casing. Patent No. 4,705,112; 21 claims.

Paul E. Delmmerico of Winchester, assignor to Rubbermaid Commercial Products Inc., Winchester. Collapsible utility cart. Patent No. 4,705,247; 10 claims.

Samir Hussamy of Lynchburg, assignor to Burlington Industries, Greensboro, N.C. Process for improving the flame-retardant properties of printed shaped articles from aramid fibers. Patent No. 4,705,523; 25 claims.

Albert D. Cale Jr. of Mechanicsville, assignor to A.H. Robins Co. Inc., Richmond. Fused aromatic oxazepinones thiazepiinones, diazepinones and sulfur analogs thereof. Patent No. 4,705,853; 31 claims.

Clemens A. Iten of Staunton, assignor to American Safety Razor Co., Verona, Va. One-piece razor blade holder. Patent No. 4,706,385, 5 claims.

Gregory R. Wichorek of Newport News, assignor to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Device for measuring hole elongation in a bolted joint, Patent No. 4,706,387; 4 claims.

Joseph D. Svatos of Richmond, no assignee. Rolling-mill cooling system. Patent No. 4,706,480, 12 claims.

Haywood Thomas Jr. of Tabb, no assignee. Spinner apparatus and method. Patent No. 4,706,530; 5 claims.

Jerry L. Greer of Waynesboro, assignor to Genicom Corp., Waynesboro. Printing activator test-circuit generating back EMF. Patent No. 4,706,561; 5 claims.

Grant Gellatly of Chester, assignor to Philip Morris Inc., New York. Method and apparatus for coating reconstituted tobacco. Patent No.4,706,692; 6 claims.

Joseph Lambert of Christiansburg, no assignee. Dental floss device. Patent No. 4,706,694; 5 claims.

Michael J. Walsh of Newport News, John B. Anders of Yorktown and Jerry N. Hefner of Newport News, assignors to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Combined riblet and drag reduction system. Patent No. 4,706,910; 12 claims.

Robert Lawall of Fairfax, no assignee. Form for producing arcuate bores in poured concrete slabs. Patent No. 4,706,927; 8 claims.

Eugene O. Major of Reston, assignor to the Department of Health and Human Services. Immortal line of human fetal glial cells. Patent No. 4,707,448; 6 claims.

Robert J. Martin of Lynchburg, assignor to Blue Bell Inc., Greensboro, N.C. Binary coding system. Patent No. 4,707,612; 4 claims.

David A. Lowitz of Richmond, assignor to Philip Morris Inc., New York. Impurity detector measuring parallel polarized scattered electromagnetic radiation. Patent No. 4,707,652; 29 claims.

Laurence J. Bement of Newport News and James W. Bailey of Tabb, assignors to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Tool and process for miniature explosive joining of tubes. Patent No. 4,708,280; 5 claims.

Henry L. Kelley and John C. Wilson, both of Newport News, assignors to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Helicopter antitorque system using fuselage strakes. Patent No. 4,708,305; 19 claims.

Serge B. Beaulieu of Mechanicsville, assignor to Bear Island Paper Co., Ashland, Va. Two-stage process for sulfonating mechanical pulp fibers. Patent No. 4,708,771; 12 claims.

Henry A. Schaefer and Terry N. Gardner, both of Lynchburg, assignors to General Electric Co. of Schenectady, N.Y. Portable radio battery pack with on-off switch. Patent No. 4,709,201; 9 claims.

Robert C. Fukuda of Alexandria and Suresh Chandra of Falls Church, assignors to the Secretary of the Army. Sidearm phase/conjugated laser. Patent No. 4,709,368; 2 claims.

Henry A. Schaefer and Richard Culbertson, both of Lynchburg, assignors to General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y. Portable two-way radio. Design patent No. 292,582; 14-year patent term.