Planning Research Corp. of McLean will develop an integrated fire command and control center under a $25 million contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department that will replace three dispatching centers in Los Angeles County."This is the largest computer-aided idspatching contract we have ever won, and is probably the most complex of any CAD installation in the country," said Fred Koehne, president of PRC's public management services.

Under the four-year contract, PRC will design and engineer a 30,000-square-foot building that will house the new command and control facility at fire department headquarters in Los Angeles, according to Walt Lawrence, PRC's vice president of marketing.

PRC also will develop systems to be installed in the new facility, including computer-aided dispatching, emergency power and security systems, and a mobile data terminal system and telephones.

The mobile systems will be installed in about 700 fire vehicles, and will enable headquarters to transmit data to them as they move throughout the county, Lawrence said.

With 2,000 people serving 133 stations, the Los Angeles County Fire Department is one of the world's largest fire-fighting organizations.It serves more than 8 million people in an area of about 4,000 square miles.

World Corp, a charter passenger and cargo airline company based at Dulles International Airport, is selling its leasehold interest in an aircraft maintenance facility and 59 acres of land that it had been leasing at the Oakland International Airport in California to the Port of Oakland for $7 million cash.

WorldCorp, which owns World Airlines and Key Airlines, previously handled scheduled service and maintenance at the Oakland facility.

The company now focuses on contract operations for cargo and passengers.

The Oakland facility was being used for aircraft maintenance, which WorldCorp discontinues last summer.

The company plans to try to sell the assets of the discontinued operations, said Scott Andrews, treasurer of WorldCorp.

Maintenance equipment and parts related to WorldCorp's operations in Oakland will also be sold.

History Associates Inc. of Rockville was awarded a two-year contract worth $1.7 million to do writing and research for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Under the contract, History Associates will write analytical studies on arms control, weapons testing, treaty verification technology and nuclear disarmament.

The company also will continue to manage the computerized archives for the department's office of international security affairs.

Historians for the company will also locate and analyze historical records for the legal-records data bases it created and maintains for the office of general counsel.

History Associates provides a range of historical, archival, recores-management and litigation-support services.

In 1986, the company was listed as one of the 500 fastest-growing small private companies in the country in Inc. magazine.

Vanguard Technologies International Inc. of Fairfax won a $5.8 million extension of its contract to manage the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's computer facility at HUD's Washington headquarters.

Vanguard will operate computers, handle library services, provide customer service and offer photocopying under the contract. The company also will provide system analysis support for special projects.

Vanguard has been providing services to HUD since 1982. The new contract is for one year plus three one-year options.

The Mid-Atlantic Human Resources Association recently was formed to provide local resources and networking for human resource professionals in the area. The group will meet regularly at different sites in the area.

"We will address such issues as employment, compensation and EEO (equal employment opportunities), among others, to local members from areawide industries, representing multiple disciplines within our industry," said Stephen M. Rabb, president of the new association.

The board of the association includes members from Science Applications International Corp., Atlantic Sciences Corp., the Wilshire Group, DynCorp and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

CACI International of Arlington has been awarded a $10.4 million contract to order supplies for one of the Air Force's main pilot-training facilities at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Tex.

Under the contract, CACI will order supplies that will be used for the Air Force's T37 and T38 pilot-training aircraft, and for the storage and distribution of fuel. CACI will also test the fuel to ensure that it meets military specifications.

Sheppard AFB provides training for the Air Force and for allied nations.

A Canadian subsidiary of McCormick & Co., the Hunt Valley, Md.-based food and real estate giant, has announced plans to acquire Flavour Ingredients Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario, for an undisclosed amount.

Flavour Ingredients, also known as Food Ingredients, had revenue last year of about $10 million and is an industrial distributor of natural food and beverage items, a McCormick statement said.

The acquisition by Stange Canada Inc., also oof Mississauga, givesMcCormick a stronger foothold in Canada, company officials concluded.

"This broadens the scope of products we are able to provide our customers in Canada. We are delighted to acquire a company which has such an excellent reputation for quality and service," said John P. Meyers, president of Stange Canada.

General Instrument Corp. of Hunt Valley, Md., has won a $40 million contract to operate Connecticut's Lotto and daily lottery games for five years, officials said.

General Instrument will take over operations of the "on-line" games effective May 8, pending final approval by the state Gaming Policy Board, officials said.

The company bid just more than $40 million to supply and maintain 2,200 computer terminals for the twice-weekly Lotto games and six-day-a-week "Daily Numbers" and "Play 4" games, officials said.

The bid, which was based on projected sales for the games, was about $2.2 million lower than the one submitted by the current vendor, GTech Corp. of Providence, R.I., which has operated the lottery system since 1983, officials said.

Connecticut's "on-line" lottery games had sales of more than $408 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30, generating more than $180 million in revenue for the state's general fund.

During the fiscal year, Lotto sales esceeded $246 million while the ''Daily Numbers'' game accounted for $118 million while the ''Daily Numbers'' game accounted for $118 million in sales and the ''Play 4'' game accounted for $43 million in sales.

Another $80 million in sales were recorded under instant lottery games involving scratch-off tickets.

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