Inside the red Chinese food container were two fortune cookies with identical fortunes: "Emhart -- To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often." The chopsticks next to it were stamped with Emhart's logo.

So were chocolate bars, Pierre Cardin pens, tote bags, coffee cups, ties and baseball caps sent to clients, employees and other businesses by Emhart Corp., the Connecticut-based owner of Northern Virginia professional services companies Planning Research Corp. and Advanced Technology Inc.

It's all part of Emhart's efforts to promote its new logo, which the company believes better reflects its new high-technology direction after years as a low-tech industrial firm.

The design took several months to develop and was chosen out of 200 possibilities. Cost: less than half a million dollars, said Emhart spokesman John F. Budd.

"A company name, like a family name, defines what a company is. When a company changes, as Emhart has, it's important to send a visual signal that things are different," said Peter L. Scott, Emhart's chairman.

The company hired New York corporate identity specialists Anspach Grossman Portugal Inc. to replace the black, staid square letters that Emhart had used for 17 years. The new logo is "warm red," slants to the right and has a broken "A." A company statement calls it "a crisp, modern design suggesting forward movement and a touch of unorthodoxy."