Our 1987-'88 fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital was such a ringing success that it's a shame to see it end. But end it has. The consolation: Our bottom line is the largest it has ever been.

These are the Absolutely Positively Final Totals:

Grand Total: $456,759.46.

Donations from Individuals: 3,885.

Donations from Groups: 942.

Once again, tremendous thanks to each donor. You have come through for sick kids, as always.

There's one piece of unfinished cheering we still need to do. If you'll recall, at the beginning of the campaign, we offered a dachshund-sized mink jacket to the individual donor who sent in the largest contribution. The winner is Jean Durfee of Annandale, whose $2,500 check was comfortably larger than the second-biggest -- a $1,900 gift from Caroline B. Smith of Alexandria.

Thanks to both women, and to all 33 individuals who contributed $1,000 or more. Thanks again, too, to George Spitalsky of Wheaton, who donated the prize.

Here's the final crop of group givers who helped swell our '87-'88 total:

Budget and Planning Staff, Office of the Comptroller, Department of State ($66.65).

American Association of Retired Persons -- Downtown Chapter 3130 ($125).

Vi Davis & Associates, Alexandria ($50).

BSC-AIC/SOEC, C & P Telephone, Falls Church ($217).

Division of Enforcement, Securities and Exchange Commission ($120).

Metropolitan Motorcars, Marlow Heights ($312 in honor of general manager Frank Walter).

Oxon Hill Post 248, The American Legion ($30 in memory of Roger Neilan).

Hyatt Regency Washington ($170 raised during a Christmas caroling program).

All American-Columbia Auxiliary 833, Veterans of Foreign Wars ($35).

Employees of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ($504).

Club Dejouir Inc., Washington Chapter ($50).

The Federal City Four ($50).

Fairfax County Area I bus drivers and office staff ($125).

"A few of us" in the Treasury Department, C & P Telephone ($55).

Boeing TMIS Help Desk at the NASA Space Station Program Office ($52).

The men and women of the Defense Intelligence Agency ($1,050 raised through a charity auction).

Personnel of the Division of Acquisition Management, Department of Health and Human Services ($1,500, also from a charity auction).

Tuesday Night Which Usually Meets On Wednesday Bridge Club ($30).

Employees of the comptroller's office, Defense Logistics Agency ($85).

Employees of Defense Systems Inc., McLean ($671).

Center for Applied Research, Inc., Great Falls ($50).

Students of the freshman class, Parkview High School, Sterling ($125).

Wednesday A.M. Starters ($75.10).

Jackpot Triples ($17).

Bel Pre Ladies ($18.50).

Rustlers ($20.75).

Scanners ($24).

After Lunch Bunch ($16).

The Staff, House Appropriations Committee ($3,051 from these generous annual givers).

Attorneys and staff, Holst & Hartshorn, Falls Church ($50).

Attorneys, judges and staff, Office of Administrative Law Judges, Labor Department ($116).

Safety patrols, Park View School ($53).

PEO Sisterhood-Chapter H ($121).

Air Traffic Controllers, Washington National Tower ($710).

We close with some lovely thoughts from Nancy Olson of Sterling, who sent in a $10 check and these words:

"Here I sit watching my 23-month-old daughter run spaghetti-covered little fingers through her hair, and I realized it's time to stop procrastinating . . . .

"Although I sometimes find it difficult to deal with our toddler and her demands, and I always have to clip coupons and shop for everything when there's a sale, I really feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

"Our daughter is healthy and happy, and I thank God every day for such a blessing. I hope that my small contribution to Children's Hospital will help some other families enjoy the blessing of a healthy child."

That's the Children's spirit, in a nutshell. Thanks again, everybody!