The following is a list of patents issued to area inventors. Although the compilation is a recent one, it is not necessarily complete.

District Inventors

Robert W. Willmouth, no assignee. Gravity and buoyancy-driven power generators. Patent No. 4,718,232; 23 claims.

Michael A. Lemp, no assignee. Method and apparatus for trephining corneal tissue in preparation for keratoplasty. Patent No. 4,718,420; 14 claims.

Clarence Edwards, no assignee. Imaging enhancement method. Patent No. 4,718,757; 10 claims.

Peter J. Andrulis Jr. of Washington, and Paul Schwartz of Rockville, assignors to Andrulis Research Corp., Bethesda. Use of bisplatinum complexes as antitumor agents. Patent No. 4,702,504; 21 claims.

Maryland Inventors

Chrissellene Petropoulos of Potomac, no assignee. Cold climate protective garment. Patent No. 4,718,123; 12 claims.

Bryan H. Ashby of Beltsville, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of Agriculture. End plug for bee-shipping tubes. Patent No. 4,718,134; 17 claims.

George W. Cowman, of Monkton, assignor to Black & Decker Inc. Router guide. Patent No. 4,718,468; 20 claims.

Mark Weixel of Ellicott City, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Air Force. Wire container. Patent No. 4,718,633; 6 claims.

David E. Weatherby of Potomac, assignor to Schnabel Foundation Co., Bethesda. High-capacity tieback installation method. Patent No. 4,718,791; 9 claims.

Francis Barany of Baltimore, assignor to Pharmacia P-L Biochemicals, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis. Six base oligonucleotide linkers and methods for their use. Patent No. 4,719,179; 6 claims.

Lawrence R. Phillips of Gaithersburg, et. al, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services. Electrochemical sample probe for use in fast-atom bombardment mass spectrometry. Patent No. 4,719,349; 14 claims.

Benjamin Schwartzman of Hagerstown, et. al, assignors to AMP Inc., Harrisburg, Pa. Method of preparing coaxial cable for termination. Patent No. 4,719,697; 18 claims.

William G. Patton of Severna Park; Victor H. Dilling of Chester, and Geoffrey F. Green of Annapolis, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Navy. Vibration and shock-resistant heat exchanger. Patent No. 4,719,969; 8 claims.

Emanuel L. Logan Jr. of Columbia, et. al., assignors to Reliable Security Systems Inc., Cockeysville. Magnetic emergency exit door lock with time delay. Patent No. 4,720,128; 16 claims.

J. Gary Welch and Robert E. ELlingham, both of Baltimore, assignors to CRI International Inc., Baltimore. Production of improved catalyst-type particles using length and density grading. Patent No. 4,720,473; 11 claims.

Douglas Shandwe of Gaithersburg, no assignee. Hair growth modification with ornithine decarboxylase inhabitors. Patent No. 4,720,489; 9 claims.

Carl Felger of College Park, et. al., assignors to Gillette Co., Boston. Anticholinergic eucatrophine esters and antiperspirant use thereof. Patent No. 4,720,494; 10 claims.

Eugene McPharson of Forestville, et. al, assignors to Georgetown University. 1A-7-substituted derivates of mitomycin and uses thereof. Patent No. 4,720,543; 16 claims.

Ronald H. Smith of Chevy Chase, no assignee. Optical encoder using line array dectors. Patent No. 4,720,699; 76 claims.

Elmen C. Quesinberry of Severna Park; Charles D. Morgan Jr. of Arbutus, and Steven J. Clancy of Ellicott City, assigners to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh. Agile-beam track-while-scan radar system. Patent No. 4,720,711; 15 claims.

Quentin E. Dolecek of Silver Spring, assignor to Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Memory-linked wavefront array processor. Patent No. 4,720,780; 24 claims.

Myung K. Kim of Owings Mills, et. al, assignors to Myung Kyoon Kim of Owings Mill. Method of power generation and its apparatus utilizing gravitation force and buoyancy. Patent No. 4,720,976; 11 claims.

William E. Newman Sr. of Joppa, and Desmond J. Farrow Sr. of North East, assignors to William E. Newman Sr. of Joppa. Self-adjusting fail-safe friction heater system. Patent No. 4,721,066; 11 claims.

Philip S. Brody of Bethesda, and Richard P. Leavitt of Silver Spring, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Army. Phase gradient contrast microscope. Patent No. 4,721,362; 11 claims.

R. Michael Phillippi of Highland; David C. Greenspan Vienna, and Ernie Toyay Reston, assignors to System Planning Corp., Arlington. Protective structure for an immersion pyrometerer. Pate No. 4,721,533; 20 claims.

R. Michael Phillippi of Highland, David C. Greenspan of Vienna, Richard T. Ellis of Columbia, Tedeuse M. Drzewiecki of Silver Spring, Taki Negas of Frederick, Ernie Tokay of Reston, and James R. Bush of Alexandria. Assignors to System Planning Corp., Arlington. Immersion pyrometer. Patent No. 4,721,534; 32 claims.

Jack R. Uren of Gaithersburg; Douglas E. Robinson of Frederick, et. al., assignors to Genex Corp. Gaithersburg. Recovery and activation process for microbially produced calf prochymosin. Patent No. 4,721,673; 7 claims.

Martin B. Sherwin of Potomac; Shu-Chien P. Wang of Columbia, and Stewart R. Montgomery of Ashton, assignors to W. R. Grace Co., New York. Synthesis of aliphatic polymanines. Patent No. 4,721,811; 25 claims.

Edward R. Gamberg of Severna Park, assignor to Eutectic Corp., Flushing, N.Y. Cored tubular electrode and method for the electric-arc cutting of metals. Patent No. 4,721,837; 19 claims.

Charles S. Kerfoot of Pasadena, and Walter E. Milberger of Severna Park, assignors to the United States of America as represented by the secretary of the Air Force. Self-generated converter filter. Patent No. 4,721,900; 4 claims.

Donald R. Lampe of Ellicott City; et. al, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corp., Pittsburgh. Magnetoresistive random access cross-tie memory architecture and signal processing system. Patent No. 4,722,073; 4 claims.

Lucille C. Strobel and Gerald E. Strobel, both of New Carrollton, no assignee. Holder for vacuum cleaner bags. Design Patent No. 293,841. Term of patent 14 years.

Thomas Cooper of Silver Spring, assignor to Thomas Cooper. Purse or similar article. Design Patent No. 293,853. Term of patent 14 years.

Anthony J. Astonious of Towson, no assignee, golf club head, Design Patent No. 293,809. Term of patent 14 years.

Virginia Inventors

Frank W. Blake of Annandale, assignor to Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., Vienna. Trigger for a weapon control system. Patent No. 4,718,187; 14 claims.

Hans M. Rath of Staunton, no assignee. Modular industrial blade grinding and honing machine. Patent No. 4,718,197; 25 claims.

Donald J. Fapiano of Salem, assignor to General Electric Co., Salem. Method for controlling edge taper in metal rolling mill. Patent No. 4,718,262; 6 claims.

John H. Crews Jr. of Grafton, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the administrator, National Aeronautics & Space Administration. Bearing-bypass material system test. Patent No. 4,718,281; 10 claims.

John F. Swanson of Spotsylvania, no assignee. Locking system for gas cylinders. Patent No. 4,718,569; 5 claims.

Rodney L. Wells and Charles J. Cole, both of Chester, assignors to Allied Corp., Morris Township, N.J. Method of producing flame-retardant polyamide fiber. Patent No. 4,719,066; 2 claims.

Steven J. Salay of Lynchburg, assignor to General Electric Co., Lynchburg. Low-capacitance power resistor using beryllium dielectric heat sink layer and low toxicity method for its manufacture. Patent No. 4,719,443; 11 claims.

John D. Van Wagoner of McLean, no assignee. Thermally efficient, protected membrane roofing system. Patent No. 4,719,723; 6 claims.

Gordon M. Winer of Richmond, assignor to Prince Frederick C & A Inc., Richmond. Mobile display apparatus for stores. Patent No. 4,719,725; 2 claims.

Elbert F. Morrison of Clarksville, assignor to Burlington Industries Inc., Greensboro, N.C. Vacuum spinning method. Patent No. 4,719,744; 23 claims.

Gary Greiner of Troutville, and Dale A. Furlong of Vinton, assignors to ETS Inc. Individual filter bag monitoring system for baghouses. Patent No. 4,719,791; 12 claims.

Ronald D. Swenson of Roanoke, et. al, assignors to Medeco Security Locks Inc., Salem. Telescoping coin box for a coin-operated machine. Patent No. 4,720,041; 4 claims.

Dwight D. McSmith of Hampton, assignor to the United States of America as represented by the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Variable response load-limiting device. Patent No. 4,720,139; 7 claims.

Dion P. O'Mara, of Vienna; Albert F. Hadermann, of Ijamsville, Md., and Jerry C. Trippe, of Fairfax Station, assignors to General Technology Applications Inc., Manassas. Rapid dissolving polymer compositions and uses therefor. Patent No. 4,720,397; 18 claims.

Fred C. Lee and Kwang-Hwa of Blacksburg, no assignee. Zero-current switching quasi-resonant converters operating in a full-wave mode. Patent No. 4,720,667; 12 claims.