LOS ANGELES, DEC. 27 -- Sticks and stones may break your bones, but dealers of Infiniti luxury cars question whether they sell cars very well. In meetings earlier this month, the dealers complained about the company's Zen-like series of advertisements featuring peaceful woods, rock gardens and placid lakes -- but precious few shots of the mysterious auto. Partly as a result, Nissan Motor Corp.'s Infiniti and its advertising agency suddenly switched gears today, unveiling the car with a vengeance in two-page advertisements in newspapers across the country. The ads featured not one but 15 photographs of the new Infiniti Q45 luxury sedan. No woods. No rocks. No lakes. ''I brought it in today, and all the salesmen gathered around it, and everybody was pleased,'' said Robert Nesen, co-owner of an Infiniti dealership in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Nesen and other dealers said they liked the earlier rock garden ads because they created curiousity about the name. But enough is enough. ''How long can you tease them?'' asked Chuck Castagna, general manager of Carmen Koosa's Infiniti dealership in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. ''The car is out. Every other manufacturer is showing their vehicles. It's time we showed ours.'' Officials at Infiniti were off for the holidays and could not be reached today. But Chuck Kushell, who runs Infiniti's advertising agency in Marina del Rey, Calif., said the switch was not unplanned despite printed statements just last week that the way the car looks would rank a distant second behind the philosophy of its design. ''One of the things we've never said is that we would never put the car in our ads,'' said Kushell, who is executive vice president and general manager of Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos Inc.'s local office, which handles Infiniti's $60 million advertising account. ''What you're seeing in effect is the beginning of the second phase of our advertising.''