Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit. And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving local companies were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. AGNICO-EAGLE MINES LTD.

Mikey Drutz, a director of Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. of Bethesda, paid $9.75 each for 20,000 company common shares on the open market on April 6. He now holds 314,190 shares directly.ALPHA 1 BIOMEDICALS INC.

Irwin J. Pachter, a director of Alpha 1 Biomedicals Inc. of Washington, sold 6,000 common shares on April 24 at $4.50 each. Pachter owns 10,003 common shares directly.AMERICAN FILTRONA CORP.

Leo C. Drozeski Jr., a vice president of American Filtrona Corp. of Richmond, exercised options for 1,200 common shares on April 30 at $13.06 each. Drozeski holds 15,600 common shares directly and 389 common shares indirectly.CELL TECHNOLOGY INC.

John Pappajohn, a director of Cell Technology Inc. of Alexandria, purchased 85,000 common shares on April 16 at $1.69 to $1.75 each. Pappajohn owns 205,792 common shares directly.CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC.

Richard L. Sharp, president of Circuit City Stores Inc. of Richmond, sold 110,000 common shares from April 11 to April 12 at $27 to $27.25 each. Sharp still owns 454,530 shares directly.

Raymond M. Albers, a company officer, purchased 1,100 shares through a stock plan on Feb. 13 and now owns that number of shares directly.CORDATUM INC.

Lawrence J. Trautman, a director of Cordatum Inc. of McLean, purchased 52,000 common shares between April 6 and April 21 at 25 cents to 31 cents each. Trautman owns 3.19 million common shares indirectly.CRESTAR FINANCIAL CORP.

Robert P. Buford, a director of Crestar Financial Corp., bought 2,000 common shares of the Richmond-based company on April 30 at $22.50 each. Buford holds 10,000 shares directly and 4,000 shares indirectly.DOMINION BANKSHARES CORP.

Warner N. Dalhouse, chairman of Dominion Bankshares Corp. of Roanoke, exercised options to buy 5,000 common shares on April 13 at $6.22 each. Dalhouse holds 34,361 shares directly and 13,056 shares indirectly.

Three of the company's vice presidents also exercised options to buy stock during April at $6.01 a share:

Lacy L. Edwards Jr. bought 4,200 shares on April 11 and now holds 4,470 shares directly and 494 shares indirectly.

James W. Harkness purchased 1,680 shares on April 6. He now holds 2,761 shares directly and 2,467 shares indirectly.

Carlyle E. Stull Jr. acquired 1,000 shares and now controls 3,153 shares directly and 2,609 shares indirectly.ENERCAP CORP.

Paul N. Temple, chairman of Enercap Corp. of Rosslyn, privately sold 70,000 common shares on April 16 at an unreported price. Temple still holds 9.1 million shares directly and 2.3 million shares indirectly.ERC ENVIRONMENTAL & ENERGY SERVICES CO.

Gary B. Varnado, a vice president of Fairfax-based ERC Environmental & Energy Services Co., exercised options for 1,500 shares at $7 each on April 18 and now holds that number of shares directly.F&M NATIONAL CORP.

James L. Bowman, a director of Winchester-based F&M National Corp., acquired 3,586 common shares from April 11 to April 20 for an undisclosed amount. Bowman directly holds 187,477 shares and indirectly holds 241,923 shares.GRACE ENERGY CORP.

Lawrence G. Besson, a vice president of Grace Energy Corp. of Washington, purchased 2,000 common shares on May 1 at $16.25 each. Besson owns 2,000 common shares directly.GREATER WASHINGTON INVESTORS INC.

Research Industries Inc., a beneficial owner of Greater Washington Investors Inc., purchased 7,400 common shares between April 19 and April 26 for an undisclosed amount. Research now owns 314,300 common shares directly and 441,500 common shares indirectly.

Arch C. Scurlock, a beneficial owner, purchased the same number of shares between the same days, also for an unreported amount, and now holds 441,500 common shares indirectly.GROWTH STOCK OUTLOOK TRUST INC.

Nicole F. Kohl, a shareholder of Bethesda-based Growth Stock Outlook Trust Inc., purchased 1,000 common shares on April 10 at $9.50 each. Kohl holds 17,583 common shares indirectly.

Atlee M. Kohl, a director, bought 1,900 shares on the same date at the same price. He holds 25,284 shares indirectly.

Beneficial owner Woodland Investment Co. bought 1,000 shares, also on April 10, also for $9.50 per share. It holds 17,583 shares directly.HILB, ROGAL & HAMILTON CO.

Theodore L. Chandler Jr., a shareholder of Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton Co. of Glen Allen, Va., purchased 5,000 common shares between April 10 and April 27 at $12.87 to $15 each. Chandler owns 1,374 common shares directly and 1,374 common shares indirectly.

James B. Stradtler, a director, bought 2,250 common shares between April 19 and April 24 at $13.88 to $15 each. Stradtler holds 3,500 common shares directly.IMMUCOR INC. Richard J. Still, an officer and director of Immucor Inc. of Richmond, sold 5,900 common shares on April 16 at $12.38 each. Still owns 49,125 common shares directly and 2,000 common shares indirectly.INTERFERENCE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY

William G. Duff, a director of Interference Control Technology of Gainesville, Va., acquired 2,660 common shares on March 19 at 11 cents each. Duff owns 9,363 common shares directly.INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER BRANDS INC.

Richard H. Franklin, a vice president of International Consumer Brands Inc. of Washington, acquired 20,000 common shares on Feb. 1 for an undisclosed amount and now holds that number of shares directly.JAMES MADISON LTD.

Stuart B. Cohen, a vice president of James Madison Ltd. of Washington, purchased 1,000 class A common shares on April 25 at $5 each. Cohen owns 4,000 class A common shares directly.JAMES RIVER CORP.

The James River Corp. Stock Purchase Plan disposed of 80,008 common shares of the Richmond company on April 3 at an undisclosed price. It purchased 115,923 shares between April 16 and April 30 at $24.53 to $26 each and now holds more than 9 million common shares directly.

Sovran Bank N.A., a trustee, reported identical transactions on the same days and at the same prices. The bank holds 8.47 million common shares directly and more than 9 million common shares indirectly.JEFFERSON BANKSHARES INC.

Hovey S. Dabney, chairman of Jefferson Bankshares Inc. of Charlottesville, acquired 2,970 company common shares on May 1 at $19.31 each. He now holds 27,000 shares directly and 800 shares indirectly.MARRIOTT CORP.

Paul T. Reed, a vice president of Bethesda-based Marriott Corp., sold 9,962 company common shares at $25 each on April 24. Reed still holds 41,584 shares directly and 6,705 shares indirectly.

Ronald E. Eastman, a vice president, purchased 5,000 common shares on April 11 at $6.69 each. Eastman owns 16,032 common shares directly.

Richard E. Marriott, a director, sold 4,200 common shares on April 3 at $26.25 each. He owns 5.8 million common shares directly and 3,402,589 common shares indirectly.

William R. Tiefel, a vice president, acquired 9,635 common shares through the exercise of an option on April 10 at $5.19 each and disposed of 1,680 shares through the exercise of an option on the same date for an undisclosed amount. He still holds 55,886 shares directly.MARTIN MARIETTA CORP.

Marcus C. Bennett, a vice president of Martin Marietta Corp. of Bethesda, sold 1,973 common shares on May 8 at $42.38 each and still holds 4,292 shares directly.MARYLAND FEDERAL BANCORP INC.

Richard R. Mace, a director of Maryland Federal Bancorp Inc. of Hyattsville, paid $10.69 for each of 1,000 common shares on April 25. Mace now holds 2,102 shares directly and 6,614 shares indirectly.MCI COMMUNICATIONS CORP.

Richard T. Liebhaber, a vice president of Washington-based MCI Communications Corp., made a stock plan purchase of 1,904 common shares on April 30 for $26.31 each and exercised options for 15,320 shares on April 24 at $5.38 to $7.63 each. He now holds 31,376 shares directly.MONARCH AVALON INC.

Charles C. Baum, a director of Monarch Avalon Inc., purchased 5,000 common shares of the Baltimore company on May 1 at $1.56 each and now holds 30,000 shares directly.MONTGOMERY BANCORP INC.

Allan O. Hunter, a director of Montgomery Bancorp Inc. of Bethesda, made an open-market purchase of 1,250 common shares at $9.50 each on Feb. 16 and now holds 9,000 shares directly.

Director James M. Kraft privately sold 6,250 shares for $9 a share on March 16. He directly controls 100 shares and indirectly controls 25,000 shares.PERPETUAL FINANCIAL CORP.

Joseph A. Cicero, an officer of Vienna-based Perpetual Financial Corp., acquired 1,600 common shares in an exchange on April 16 for an undisclosed amount. Cicero now owns 11,948 shares directly and 15,400 shares indirectly.

Carl F. Erickson, an officer of a company subsidiary, acquired 2,891 shares for an undisclosed amount on the same date. He now owns 9,266 shares directly and 2,891 shares indirectly.PROVIDENT BANKSHARES CORP.

Francis G. Riggs, a director of Baltimore-based Provident Bankshares Corp., paid $10.50 each for 2,000 common shares on May 3 in an open-market transaction. Riggs holds 19,215 shares directly and 6,710 shares indirectly.

Clivie C. Haley Jr., a director of Provident, paid $10.63 each for 2,500 shares on the open market on April 26 and now owns 5,929 shares directly.PULASKI FURNITURE CORP.

Thornton G. Wampler, a vice president of Pulaski Furniture Corp. of Pulaski, Va., sold 2,000 common shares on April 9 at $22.13 each. Wampler holds 33,632 common shares directly and 3,307 common shares indirectly.QUADRA LOGIC TECHNOLOGIES INC.

Edmond A. Lemieux, a director of Quadra Logic Technologies Inc. of Washington, sold 2,300 common shares from April 3 to April 24 at $9.50 to $9.88 each. Lemieux owns 43,800 common shares directly.SPIEGEL INC.

Robert E. Conradi, a vice president of Spiegel Inc. of Washington, exercised options for 1,000 class N common shares on April 12 at $10.06 each. Conradi holds 2,500 class N common shares directly.

Harold S. Dahlstrand, also a vice president, purchased 2,000 class N common shares on April 6 at $21.13 each. Dahlstrand owns 8,000 class N common shares directly and 400 class N common shares indirectly.

Max Kullman, a director, bought 6,000 class N common shares and now holds that number of shares directly.

Vice President Sheila W. Sarovich exercised options for 1,000 class N common shares on April 10 and now owns 2,200 class N common shares directly.

Karl A. Steigerwald, a vice president, exercised options for 2,200 class N common shares on April 10 for an unreported price. Steigerwald owns 3,700 class N common shares directly.

Vice President Richard W. Wagner purchased 1,100 class A common shares on April 17 at $22.38 each and now owns that number of shares directly. WORLDWIDE VALUE FUND INC.

Henri Deegenaar, a director of Worldwide Value Fund Inc., bought 1,000 shares of the Baltimore company on Feb. 21 for $18 each. Deegenaar owns 1,000 shares directly.