Q. I've been out of work for a long time, and I am beginning to suspect my re'sume' is the culprit. Professional re'sume' services are expensive. Is there anything out there for my computer that can help me write a good re'sume'?

A. There sure is. ResumExpert, from A Lasting Impression, is a collection of about 40 word-processing templates on a disk. The re'sume's are broken down by commonly encountered career situations. Any of these situations could hinder the development of a resume. After you identify the problem, ResumExpert lists the suggested template or templates needed to remedy it.

For example, let's say you want to de-emphasize earlier employment. ResumExpert says you should focus on present professional status, and former entry-level positions should be listed and not described.

You select the template and replace the formatted text with your own personal information. The accompanying instruction book includes reprints of the resume templates along with re'sume'-typing tips.

Among the ResumExpert editions, currently at $75 each, are those for students; people in finance and banking, computer science and engineering; managers; and sales and marketing professionals. Another template deals with cover letters. Editions for health care, education and glamour professions should be available this month.

A Lasting Impression (telephone 617-721-2037) is offered in Macintosh versions only, using Microsoft Word 3.0 or 4.0.

Re'sume'-writing programs for IBMs and compatibles are Re$ume! 1.2 ($49.95) from North American Infonet Inc. (707-765-1999) and Right Resume Writer I ($59) and II ($98) from Career Development Software Inc. (206-696-3529).

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