Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions, which involved companies in the Washington, Baltimore and Richmond areas, were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. ALPHA 1 BIOMEDICALS INC.

Vincent F. Simmon, president of Alpha 1 Biomedicals of Washington, bought 1,000 common shares on April 2 at $5.58 each and now holds that number of shares directly.AVEMCO CORP.

Alan D. Saver, an officer of Avemco of Frederick, Md., exercised options for 4,000 common shares on May 7 at $12.63 to $18.88 each and now controls that number of shares directly.BANKSHARES CORP.

James W. McGlothlin, a director of Roanoke-based Dominion Bankshares, bought 23,000 common shares from May 15 to May 21 at $14.53 to $14.82 each. He holds 15,000 shares directly and 324,000 shares indirectly.CADMUS COMMUNICATIONS CORP.

Jerry L. Marler, an officer of a subsidiary of Cadmus Communications, sold 30,000 common shares of the Richmond-based company on May 3 at $9.35 each. He holds 73,810 shares directly.CROP GENETICS INTERNATIONAL NV

Ann Crittenden, a shareholder of Crop Genetics International NV, sold 6,000 shares of the Hanover, Md., company from April 19 to April 23 at $7.88 to $8.13 each. Crittenden holds 95,000 shares directly.ETHYL CORP.

Roger A. Moser, a vice president of Ethyl Corp. of Richmond, sold 1,000 common shares on May 16 at $27.50 each. Moser owns 47,402 shares directly and 8,484 shares indirectly.PREMIER BANKSHARES CORP.

Joseph W. West, a director of Premier Bankshares Corp. of Tazewell, Va., sold 2,000 common shares from May 8 to May 10 at $13 to $13.50 each. West still holds 12,700 shares directly and 200 shares indirectly.PROVIDENT BANKSHARES CORP.

Sheila K. Riggs, a director of Baltimore-based Provident Bankshares, purchased 4,450 common shares from May 3 to May 10 at $10.38 to $10.75 each and holds 8,954 shares directly.SMITHFIELD FOODS INC.

Cecil W. Gwaltney, a director of Smithfield Foods Inc. of Smithfield, Va., bought 3,500 company common shares May 1 at $10.75 each. Gwaltney owns 10,100 shares directly.SOMERSET BANKSHARES INC.

Michael F. Tracey, an officer of Somerset Bankshares Inc. of Norfolk, bought 1,000 common shares on May 3 at $2 each and holds 2,000 shares directly.

Director William A. Pickett purchased 4,000 shares on the same date, at $2 each, and holds 15,200 shares directly.

Director Frank Scimone bought 1,000 shares May 3 at $2 each. He holds 9,000 shares directly.