If you're a parent, you've probably felt at times like throwing a brick through your TV screen as Madonna writhes through a music video on MTV. But the folks at the National Association of Brick Distributors (NABD) have a different idea.

The Alexandria-based association likes MTV -- so much so that in a ceremony last week it presented the music channel with the "prestigious" -- their word -- Brick Achievement Award.

Why MTV? Well, you must not be watching those Def Leppard videos carefully enough. "If you watch one hour of MTV, you'll see a number of music videos and promos featuring brick," said Walter E. Galanty Jr., NABD's president.

That's right. What MTV and masonry devotee could forget M.C. Hammer's hot-selling rap number, "U Can't Touch This," whose video features one minute and two seconds -- by the NABD's count -- of "beautiful brick scenes"? Or Elton John's animated "Club at the End of the Street" video, which "uses meticulous detail in texturizing the brick and mortar portions of the clip," according to the NABD.

But wait, there's more! "Germany's hottest band, Nitzer Ebb, features flying arches and centuries of old brick all over its 'Lightning Man' video," the NABD says. And then there's Janet Jackson's brick-laden "Alright" video, not to mention the five MTV sets that make heavy use of brick.

"MTV's award is long overdue, considering all the brick they've promoted over the years," Galanty said.

Just wait until they find out about Jethro Tull's classic "Thick as a Brick."