AT&T picked three insurance companies to set up the nation's largest "managed health care" program that eventually will cover 100,000 employees in 23 metropolitan areas. Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Travelers and Prudential will now begin selecting the doctors and hospitals where AT&T employees can receive medical treatment.

Cordatum, a small McLean-based computer software and government services company, filed for protection from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code. In addition, two major investors in the company filed suit alleging that the firm and its former chief executive, Merle C. Garvis, failed to disclose unpaid tax liabilities facing Cordatum. Garvis said the allegations were "absolutely without merit."

Super Fresh grocery stores and the United Food and Commercial Workers have signed a three-year contract that will boost workers' wages by $1.50 an hour. The contract ratified Sunday covers 1,600 workers in southeast Virginia. It comes as the union is attempting to organize other grocery workers in the area.

Beer producers said they may drop sponsorship of major sports if Congress requires new health warnings to accompany any advertising for alcoholic beverages. A bill facing a House hearing today would require all ads for alcoholic beverages to include one of five safety warnings.