Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit. And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving companies in the Washington, Baltimore and Richmond areas were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


William H. Critchfield, a vice president of Cell Technology of Alexandria, sold 4,000 common shares June 14 for $2.69 to $2.88 each. Critchfield now owns 6,000 common shares directly. CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC.

Richard L. Sharp, president of Circuit City Stores Inc. of Richmond, acquired 20,000 common shares June 19 for an undisclosed price, and sold 5,000 common shares two days later for $26.25 each. Sharp owns 469,530 common shares directly. CRI LIQUIDATING REIT INC.

Robert J. Mylod, a director of CRI Liquidating REIT Inc. of Rockville, purchased 1,700 common shares June 21 for $12.13 each, and now owns 1,700 common shares directly. DANAHER CORP.

M. Teri Lynch, an officer of Danaher Corp. of Washington, sold 3,000 common shares from June 8 to June 14 for $21 each. Lynch now owns 11,617 common shares directly. ETHYL CORP.

Sampson H. Bass Jr., an officer and director of Ethyl Corp. of Richmond, exercised options for 1,905 common shares June 7 at an undisclosed price. Bass controls 5,594 common shares directly and 6,001 common shares indirectly. HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES INC.

Robert Goodman, a divisional officer of Harman International Industries of Washington, sold 4,500 common shares June 1 for $13.50 each. Goodman holds 9,000 common shares directly and 250 common shares indirectly. IGENE BIOTECHNOLOGY INC.

Sidney R. Knafel, a director of Igene Biotechnology Inc. of Columbia, Md., privately purchased 500,000 common shares June 4 for 10 cents each. Knafel controls 285,370 common shares directly and 284,800 common shares indirectly. INTELLIGENT ELECTRONICS INC.

James Ciccarelli, a vice president of Intelligent Electronics Inc. of Landover, acquired 12,602 common shares June 11 for an undisclosed amount, and sold 10,000 common shares June 19 for $38 each. He now owns 2,602 common shares directly. JAMES MADISON LTD.

Stuart B. Cohen, a vice president of James Madison Ltd. of Washington, purchased 2,000 class A common shares June 25 for $4 each. Cohen now owns 6,000 class A common shares directly. JAMES RIVER CORP.

James River Corp. Stock Purchase Plan of Richmond disposed of 102,618 common shares June 5 for an undisclosed price, acquired 78,095 common shares from July 2 to July 6, also for an unreported amount and bought 179,179 common shares between June 11 and June 29 for $25.25 to $25.56 each. The plan controls 9.4 million common shares directly.

These vice presidents of James River also reported transactions:

Phillip Scott Henss sold 2,700 common shares June 6 for $25.63 each. Henss owns 439 common shares indirectly.

Lawrence S. Morrow exercised options for 4,613 common shares June 5 for $6.17 to $22.61 each. Morrow controls 18,707 common shares directly and 792 common shares indirectly.

Ronald B. Estridge sold 10,471 common shares June 12 for $26.25 each. Estridge now holds 26,940 common shares directly and 4,162 common shares indirectly. LEGG MASON INC.

Edmund J. Cashman Jr., an officer and director of Legg Mason of Baltimore, exercised options for 5,000 common shares June 7 at $2.31 each. Cashman owns 116,625 common shares directly.

Joseph W. Sener Jr., a director, sold 2,000 common shares June 22 for $16.38 each. Sener controls 50,000 common shares directly and 108,000 common shares indirectly. MALLARD COACH CO.

James P. Kerich, chairman of Mallard Coach of Glen Allen, Va., purchased 3,000 common shares March 27 at $4 each. Kerich holds 33,000 common shares directly. MARYLAND FEDERAL BANCORP INC.

Mildred A. Harkness, a director of Maryland Federal Bancorp Inc. of Hyattsville, purchased 1,500 common shares June 21 for $9.75 each, and now owns 15,000 common shares directly. MCI COMMUNICATIONS CORP.

William G. McGowan, chairman of MCI Communications Corp., sold 15,000 common shares of the Washington company June 29 for an unreported price. McGowan owns more than 4 million common shares directly.

Judith Whittaker, a director, exercised options for 5,000 common shares June 18 at $14 each. Whittaker controls 6,000 common shares directly and 500 common shares indirectly. MERRY-GO-ROUND ENTERPRISES INC.

Harold E. Goldsmith, an officer, director and beneficial owner of Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc. of Joppa, Md., sold 650,000 common shares June 15 for $26.63 each. Goldsmith controls almost 3 million common shares directly and 73,751 common shares indirectly.

Leonard Weinglass, who holds the same offices, also sold 650,000 common shares June 15 for $26.63 each. Weinglass now controls 3.05 million common shares directly and 65,464 common shares indirectly. MID-ATLANTIC MEDICAL SERVICES INC.

John L. Child Jr., an officer of Mid-Atlantic Medical Services Inc. of Rockville, purchased 5,000 common shares June 13 for $8.25 each, and now owns 65,200 common shares directly and 2,173 common shares indirectly.

John L. Ford, a director, sold 5,000 common shares between June 19 and June 29 for $8.25 to $10.63 each. Ford holds 199,452 common shares directly and 2,636 common shares indirectly. O'SULLIVAN CORP.

James T. Holland, president of O'Sullivan Corp. of Winchester, Va., purchased 1,500 common shares June 7 at $9.38 each, and now controls 74,098 common shares directly and 6,444 common shares indirectly. REYNOLDS METALS CO.

William G. Reynolds Jr., a vice president of Reynolds Metals Co. of Richmond, acquired 2,000 common shares June 4 and disposed of 8,000 common shares the same day. Reynolds now controls 25,742 common shares directly and 153,594 common shares indirectly. No transaction prices were reported. ROUSE CO.

Kenneth Mackenzie Marty, a vice president of Rouse Co. of Columbia, Md., sold 3,000 common shares June 22 for $23 each. Marty now controls 22,886 common shares directly and 93 common shares indirectly.

Vice President George L. Yungmann sold 7,520 common shares from June 22 to June 27 for $22.75 to $23 each, and now controls 26,867 common shares directly and 16,050 common shares indirectly. UNIVERSAL SECURITY INSTRUMENTS INC.

Amedee W. Dean, a vice president of Universal Security Instruments of Owings Mills, Md., purchased 10,000 common shares June 21 for $2 each. Dean owns 33,170 common shares directly.