A $15 million loan gone sour has left Marriott Corp. holding some $40 million worth of stock in an Indianapolis hospital company.

And the Bethesda-based hotel and food services giant says it would just as soon wash its hands of the whole affair by selling its newfound stake in the company, Basic American Medical Inc.

Marriott came into possession of a 52.3 percent share in Basic American Medical earlier this month after three key shareholders of the company defaulted on a $15.5 million line of credit Marriott extended them two years ago.

Marriott lent the three men the money as part of a transaction in June 1988 in which it acquired Basic American Retirement Communities, a subsidiary of Basic American Medical, that was the cornerstone of Marriott's now fast-growing chain of retirement homes.

Basic American Medical operates hospitals in Florida and elsewhere in the Southeast. It had revenue last year of $319.4 million and a profit of $6 million.

The shareholders -- Ethan Jackson, Franklin L. Jackson and Brady R. Justice Jr. -- put up more than 4.1 million shares in Basic American Medical as collateral for the loan.

At the time, the stock was worth about $25 million, and while its price has fluctuated since, it recently rose to a value of more than $40 million. In over-the-counter trading yesterday, Basic American Medical stock fell $1.25 to $9.50 a share.

A spokesman for Basic American Medical and the three shareholders, who are executives of the firm, declined comment yesterday.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, the company said the three shareholders were negotiating with Marriott about a possible restructuring of the loan to allow the men to keep their stock.

But failing that, Marriott said, "it is the present intention of Marriott Corp. to dispose of all or a portion of the securities pursuant to the terms of the {loan} agreements."