Insider Transactions is a weekly report of stock transactions involving officers and directors of publicly owned local companies.

Stock trading by corporate insiders often is a bellwether of corporate health. Most insiders buy stock or exercise options to make a profit.

And insiders may be selling stock for tax reasons, estate planning or cash needs.

The following insider transactions involving local companies were compiled by States News Service from reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. CELL TECHNOLOGY INC.

William H. Critchfield, vice president of Cell Technology Inc. of Alexandria, sold 4,000 common shares at $2.75 to $2.94 each between July 17 and July 23.

He currently holds 2,000 common shares. CHEUNG LABORATORIES INC.

Several persons affiliated with Cheung Laboratories Inc. of Columbia acquired common shares through exchanges at 13 to 25 cents each July 2.

Verle D. Blaha, president, acquired 24,231 shares and now holds 423,067 common shares directly and 42,000 common shares indirectly.

Augustine Y. Cheung, chairman, acquired 17,262 shares, and hold 5,028,843 common shares directly.

Dennis Smith, a shareholder, acquired 11,169 shares, and holds 41,007 common shares directly and 2,000 common shares indirectly. CIRCUIT CITY STORES INC.

James N. Gillum, a director of Circuit City Stores Inc. of Richmond, acquired 5,000 common shares at an undisclosed price June 19 and currently controls 47,246 common shares directly.

William D. Rivas, an officer and director, acquired 10,000 common shares on June 19 also at an undisclosed price.

He owns 92,220 common shares directly. COMNET CORP.

Several directors of Greenbelt-based Comnet Corp. each acquired 12,500 shares through exchanges at $10.00 each June 29. Milton I. Kaplan now owns 70,000 common shares directly and 18,200 common shares indirectly.

Perry E. Morrison now owns 25,000 common shares directly and 2,000 common shares indirectly.

Leonard J. Smith now holds 50,800 common shares directly.

John Spohler now holds 132,350 common shares directly and 54,500 common shares indirectly. ETHYL CORP.

Barry B. Abrahamson, a vice president of Richmond-based Ethyl Corp., sold 6,000 common shares at $32.63 each July 17 and now holds 26,673 common shares directly and 9,452 common shares indirectly.

Roger A. Moser, a vice president, gave a gift of 2,000 common shares June 30.

He currently owns 44,402 common shares directly and 8,702 common shares indirectly. FIRST VIRGINIA BANKS INC.

Paul H. Geithner Jr., president of First Virginia Banks Inc. of Falls Church, exercised options for 1,000 common shares June 25 for $18.38 each.

Geithner currently holds 5,360 common shares directly and 103 common shares indirectly. GREATER WASHINGTON INVESTORS INC.

Martin S. Pinson, an officer of Greater Washington Investors Inc. of Chevy Chase, privately sold 12,000 common shares at $3 each July 2.

Pinson holds 38,506 common shares indirectly. JEFFERSON BANKSHARES INC.

J.W. Price Jr., a director of Jefferson Bankshares Inc. of Charlottesville, privately purchased 5,500 common shares at $19 each between July 9 and July 23.

He currently holds 37,500 common shares directly and 17,249 common shares indirectly. MARTIN MARIETTA CORP.

Richard G. Adamson, a vice president of Martin Marietta Corp. of Bethesda, sold 1,237 common shares at $41 each April 25. He presently controls 3,042 common shares directly.

A. James Clark, a director, acquired 2,783 shares through a plan for an undisclosed amount July 25.

He currently holds 79,402 common shares directly. MCI COMMUNICATIONS CORP.

Clifford L. Alexander Jr., a director of MCI Communications Corp. of Washington, exercised options for 5,000 common shares July 10 at $14.00 each.

Alexander owns 11,800 common shares directly. ONCOR INC.

Henry A. Supplee, an officer and a director of Gaithersburg-based Oncor Inc., gave a gift of 2,000 common shares July 11 and now owns 3,000 common shares directly. PHH CORP.

Thomas V. King, a director of PHH Corp. of Hunt Valley, purchased 1,000 common shares at $35.88 each June 6 and currently holds 2,000 common shares directly. SAGE SOFTWARE INC.

Kevin J. Burns, president of Sage Software Inc. of Rockville, sold 25,000 common shares at $13.62 each July 2.

Burns presently holds 131,568 common shares directly and 69,284 common shares indirectly.

Harold J. Daniels, vice president, sold 10,000 common shares at $14.25 each on July 2 and no longer holds any stock. TEMPEST TECHNOLOGIES INC.

Alan R. Stewart, an officer of Herndon-based Tempest Technologies Inc., acquired 4,651 common shares through a plan at 43 cents each June 30.

Stewart owns 7,559 common shares directly. VSE CORP.

Urban J. Toucher, an officer of VSE Corp. of Alexandria, acquired 2,569 common shares through a plan April 1 at an undisclosed amount.

Toucher indirectly holds 2,569 common shares. WORLDWIDE VALUE FUND INC.

Charles J. Swindells, a director of Baltimore-based Worldwide Value Fund Inc., acquired 2,386 common shares through an exchange at an undisclosed price June 28. That same day, he disposed of the 2,386 common shares,also at an undisclosed price and through an exchange, and now owns 2,386 common shares indirectly.