Here's the bad news: If you work in the engineering brain trust in the Washington metropolitan area, your median income is 11th in the nation for engineers and it has slipped in comparison with other markets two years in a row.

The good news is that engineers here make $60,430, 8.8 percent more than the national median, and they are leagues ahead of Springfield, Ohio, which was at the bottom with $46,500.

Of the 50 metropolitan areas that the National Society of Professional Engineers examined, New York City led the salary parade with a $71,000 median. The salary survey, which looks at base salary plus bonuses, also showed that the following jobs bring in the biggest bucks for engineers in the Washington area.

Mothers, do let your sons (and daughters) be environmental engineers. Though petroleum engineers are the best-paid discipline nationally ($64,500 median), environmental engineers are at the top of the pay scale in Washington ($66,750 median).

Those who work in private practice here make more than those in industry. Engineers employed by the federal government earn $60,190. And finally, bosses make more than the worker bees in research and development, the survey said. Engineers in executive and administrative positions make a median of $69,835, while those in R&D bring home $59,500.